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Best in ears for my taste?

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I'd like to upgrade from my Brainwavz B2/DBA-02.


I don't like the sound signature of the B2 as it is way too bright and low on bass. I would like something that has the sound signature of a V Sonic GR07 (I regret returning them), something warm sounding with a good amount of bass. The earphone must have treble (I LOVED the RE0's treble and treble quantity), so the Shure SE530 is out. Also, it must have excellent isolation. The GR07 pretty much ticks all my requirements, but I've been out of the earphones loop for a while and I don't know if there's anything better now.


Budget is $500, but I'd definitely prefer to spend less if I can. 



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Well i would suggest the yamaha eph-100, but the treble might not tickle your fancy.


It's a warm lush sounding iem, good separation and good bass, the treble has sparkle and it's clear but some might find it a touch laid back.


I call it realistic plus i have my customs if i want clear.


Anyway i think they're fantastic and worth a look.

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Anybody have other suggestions?

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Just get the GR07 again, they still are well regarded around here.

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+1 on getting the GR-07s if you like the sound. If not, the TF10, W3, FX700 or SE535(more treble than SE530) are good alternatives.

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The FX700 appears to tick all your boxes. I compared them with the GR07 recently; here are my thoughts:

FX700: I can see why some regard it as the best dynamic universal. Timbre is great, detail is ridiculous, and it has this extremely lively, edgy sound that can be addictive on the right songs. The treble extends to the feet of Zeus, and the bass reaches down to the depth of the river Styx. Sorry, I love Greek mythology. I wouldn't consider the midrange recessed, it's just not that forward. It's there and it's detailed, but you can tell the bass and the treble are the stars of the show. There's a whole lot of bass, but it's so rich and textured that it's never really a problem. The overall sound is just so open, and the imaging is addictive. I feel like I'm listening to a headphone moreso than an iem, a really engaging headphone. The only (personal) con that I have with with it is that there is just so much treble on some songs. I feel like the overall sound is tilted towards the upper regions, with lots of bass to prevent the sound from becoming cold or overly clinical. When I listen to instruments like drums and cymbals, I can hear the treble boost in the overly lively snap of the snare, or the slight splashiness of the cymbals. I also feel like the treble tilt improves the apparent detail presented. Going back and forth with the GR07 on Mumford and Sons' "Little Lion Man," the FX700 presents about 5% more detail in the opening guitar sequence. Would I keep them for my daily use? No. They're a bit too aggressive, even at less than 1/2 of my iphone's volume and the mids are a bit dry for my taste. Otherwise, they're an EDM lover's dream come true, and the ultimate incarnation of the V-/U-shaped signature.
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