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Originally Posted by RERO View Post

I personally prefer the sound of the HD25 pads. I also find it easier to seal on my ear compared to the the Amperior pads, and looks nicer as well (has a burly look to it). But summer isn't really a season to wear headphones, they're just too sweat inducing for me.


@Tom22 Well, there's the HD25 Aluminium/Aluminum pads. I've tried them in-store and found them to be the best in terms of seal, comfort, and probably isolation as they are the squishiest of the all the (official) HD25 pads.

i can definitely see why you feel that way, i think the pleather pads do feel like their sealing better, haha i'm not a fan of the papery look (just imo ofc) but i agree its not the season to wear headphones (its starting to warm up here in toronto the last few weeks and i have since moved towards iems for both home and outside use)--> avoids sweaty ears


thats a great suggestion! i don't know why i didn't order those hd 25 aluminum pads earlier (i should've gotten those instead) from the pictures they look nice! 


i like squishy =) it would make the amps more comfortable too (i would imagine the isolation would be better> the stock velours on the amps now) which i thought is just okay (in comparison to the pleather hd25s i mean) those did a better job

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Originally Posted by Tom22 View Post

glad to have you on the amperior bandwagon @H20Fidelity ! how different is the amps vs the hd25 to each other to you? 


i still have the hd25 pleather pads, in addition with the velours on my amperiors (stock).


the pleathers really aren't breathable for me, i would only use those in the winter (but i'm still using the stock velours atm, at least until they wear out )


i'm debating on getting a pair of the hd25 velours to see how different they are, or the other pads cited in the earlier posts (that look sooo cushy)


I find them different enough to keep both.


The Amperior sounds a little higher resolution, tighter low-end, touch more mid-bass, treble a touch more forward, not sure how Sennhesier did it but Amperior also has quite a bit wider soundstage. It sounds like the higher performing headphone, very much like Tyll explains in his comparisons, especially nice with iBasso DX50.


But I also think despite Sennheiser's attempts to outclass and upgrade their HD25, you'll never take away that unique tone and timbre HD25 put out. Its a classic headphone tuned very right a long time ago, so despite the Amperior being 'superior' in overall sound HD25 remains tightly seated with his long term trade. That's how I hear it.


My HD25 had velour pads when I first got them, I don't like how they sounded then, the velour makes the sound too dense, like its hitting the padding and dulling the presentation, I wasn't much of a fan until changing HD25 to pleather pads, this made them noticeably more vibrant and added some spring to the sound.


I'm basically going through a similar feeling with the Amperior to lesser extent and stock velour pads right now. I will leave them stock as I don't want to change this but I can hear them canceling out or dull effect to some extent. 


I really like both though and will keep them, they're also perfect with their small cups for laying on a pillow without causing discomfort.

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