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Seriously, a lot of players in this game. In this climate I don't know how I can be a one-headphone kinda person lol. The headphones I am still mostly interested in trying are the Momentums and the WS99. I've even become interested in the little JVC S500. I got to try the M-100 and they sounded very fun to me and yeah, the bass was much bigger than that of the M-80. They are definitely a more improved LP2, an LP3 of sorts I think. At some point I may nab those but at the moment, I just don't have the extra funds.

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Hey everyone,


I just thought I'd let you all know that VM Innovations has a sale on the Sennheiser Amperiors, for $230 brand new with free shipping. You can also find promo codes if you google it (I had one for another 5% off). Plus there's a two year warranty.


Here's the link: http://www.vminnovations.com/Product_49051/Sennheiser-HD-25-Amperior-DJ-Pro-Monitoring-Headphones-Blue-.html


The link is for the blue colour, but they also have them in silver I think. I think they also have them refurbished for even cheaper, if you browse through.




They only ship to the US, but for Canadians, check out kinect.com as an option for shipping. If you live near the border, might not be a bad option.


I ordered mine yesterday, and since it seems like a good deal, I thought I would share!

Take care. (rhyming couplet).

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Just picked up a (blue) refurb pair from Amazon for $170, and I'm pretty happy so far. They look and smell brand new, I swear the only difference between these grade A refurbs and a brand new set is packaging (and price). They seem to clamp quite a bit, though I'm sure that will loosen up as I use them, and they seem to stay on my head no matter how "into" the music I get. ;)


Soundwise, they're pretty nice. Somewhat rolled off highs without a sparkle is a bit of a disappointment, but they seem to have plenty of detail to make up for it, and I much prefer rolled off highs to the piercing sibilance you sometimes get with sparkly headphones. The mids are nice and full, though surprisingly warm. The warmth is the first thing I noticed when listening to them for the first time, it doesn't have the rich string-instrument warmth of the D7000's but rather a more general warmth and roundness. I think the warmth is so pronounced because I've been exclusively listening to my Koss ESP-950's for the past week or two which are warm for an electrostatic headphone, but are by no means warm compared to many dynamic headphones. The bass is actually fairly balanced; as soon as I heard how warm the Amperiors were, I worried that they would have too much bass, but I'm happy to say this isn't the case.

The build quality is excellent, these things look and feel like they could take almost anything, which is perfect considering these are now my portable set of headphones. The one thing that does irk me is the fact that the cable comes out of the right earcup instead of the left.


These are just some initial impressions, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

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That's odd. I noticed sibilance, sparkle and a noticeably tipped up top end with the ones I used to own. Nothing close to the highs being rolled off. That's Momentum territory.
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Agreed, any more sparkle would be too much for my ears. I do hear some of that nice warmth though. Definitely has more body and detail over the old HD25.

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Interesting. Perhaps with time the highs will come out, but for now they definitely don't have as pronounced highs as the other headphones I own.

I was walking around the city with them, and I noticed some of the features are very helpful. The left earcup swiveling is great for when I need to talk to someone while listening to music, and the cable design is very helpful in that I can remove the extension when they're not in use and simply have them hanging around my neck with only a foot or so of cable dangling. The cable being detachable directly at the cup would have been a bit more effective in that regard, but both are nice additions that I wish more headphones did.

After some stretching and on-head action, the clamp has gone down significantly to a comfortable amount. They still stay on my head without squeezing it, which is nice.

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Yep they have the perfect amount of clamp. I came to appreciate where the cable detaches - if I want to go ultra-portable, I can plug them into my little nano which is clipped to my jacket or shirt. Makes for a great combo, physically and sonically.
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Has anyone tried the Amperiors without the foam in front of the driver under the earpad? Also are there other earpads to try?

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Originally Posted by mvtm View Post


Please tell us your impressions of your Amperiors compared to the Mad Dogs. I was considering the MDs instead of the Amperiors, but the need of good source amplifier made me turn to my much simpler Amperiors. 

Also, i bought some refurb Amperiors. $160 vs $300 (MD with dog pads).


I do have a Nu Force amp... and i have noticed that it diminishes the bass. So, i am hearing them straight from source.



Whoa, I totally missed this! Sorry about that.


Anyway, here go some brief impressions between the two.


They're honestly two completely different beasts. The amperiors are my portable and my Mad Dogs are a home setup, and I can't see the sharing roles; in fact, they're perfect compliments to each other, IMO. 


The Mad Dogs are fairly neutral across the board with a slightly darker tonality (it's hard to tell since I've been listening to them for so long, my ears have probably adapted; it sounds pretty close to neutral to me) with a neutral bass, a more prominent, thick and beautiful midrange--though admittedly my experience has me struggling to really pinpoint the midrange--and again, a pretty neutral treble, which is neither recessed nor sparkly. Everything in the music I listen to is represented equally in a holistic way, and I don't feel anything is lacking. The Mad Dogs definitely isolate much better than the Amperiors due to their over-ear design, and are also much more comfortable. Their soundstage is adequate though many have conflicting opinions about it, but altogether this package makes them extremely versatile. 


There IS one caveat though, and it's one that made the amperiors a good choice for you: without an amp, they sound a bit hollow and wanting, everything feels a bit weak, flat, and distant compared to my Asgard2/Bifrost setup which breathes life into it.


Now for the Amperiors, they sport a V-shaped signature and are much more forward than the relatively laid-back Mad Dogs. Everything is much more in your face, and the bass and treble are of definite greater quantities than the Mad Dogs, but as a result, sacrifice the reference quality that the Mad Dogs have. This isn't a complaint, just a difference, because their v-shaped signature makes them really fun headphones to listen to on-the-go, though if I were to travel away from my home setup with my Amperiors, I wouldn't mind it at all. The best thing about their v-shaped signature is that neither the bass nor the treble are overdone. The bass is nice, aggressive and punchy but has not once overpowered the music while the treble exhibit the perfect amount of sparkle while surviving more sibilant tracks (IMO). The comfort for the amperior is weird for me, sometimes they clamp my glasses, sometimes they don't, but they are definitely wearable long-term if I don't have my glasses on. The clamp is definitely perfect and these things aren't gonna fall off my head anytime soon.


The Mad Dogs allow me to take everything in at once cohesively, while the Amperiors engage me full-throttle with no holes barred. They're a match made in heaven, honestly. They both are finely detailed, but I haven't cared enough to compare them.


I hope this helps! This was my first attempt at stating my thoughts on headphone here, so I hope I did okay. dt880smile.png

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Great comparison ^^
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Originally Posted by roma101 View Post

Great comparison ^^

. . . with the caveat that "no holes barred" (as opposed to holds) sounds like the name of a video for not-so-young adults. Otherwise, nicely done, Vaed.


In other news, this discontinued blue leather bag might go well with a laptop and our blue discontinued headphones.  $179 with coupon, apparently.


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Originally Posted by Taowolf51 View Post

Has anyone tried the Amperiors without the foam in front of the driver under the earpad? Also are there other earpads to try?


I believe you can try on the HD-25 pads from earlier models.  Which does include pleather I believe. 

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How bad is the treble sibilance on the Amperior?  I'm trying to convince myself to get these for their comfort and isolation, but I'm afraid that I wouldn't like it.  Just to give you an idea, I found the treble on a pair of full sized cans like the Hifiman HE-400's sibilant.  Also didn't like the JVC FX40 either.

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Originally Posted by KetchupNinja View Post

How bad is the treble sibilance on the Amperior?  I'm trying to convince myself to get these for their comfort and isolation, but I'm afraid that I wouldn't like it.

I'm burning them in to see if the sound changes somewhat.

Out of the box, I've found the Amperior is definitely prone to sibilance, but it strongly depends on the source.

Out of an iPod or straight out of PC, the sibilance can be a true deal breaker.

However, when I use it with my Matrix M-Stage + DAC out of my PC, the sibilance is greatly reduced, really night and day difference.
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I never find amperior suffering from any sibilance. Use lossless source. Might be the reason.
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