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So I'm new to the forum and Head-Fi in general, but thought I would start off with a little comparison of my own and get some feedback. I'm also a beginning audiophile I suppose, just learning the lingo and the tech behind everything.


I picked up my pair of MDR-v700djs a while back, looking for some higher quality headphones for at-home use. I was looking in the $100-$200 range so these fit the bill nicely.


I know to avoid beats by dre in any capacity, I owned a pair of Studio's at one point and was appalled that my Razer Orca headphones, which were a quarter of the price, had a much more balanced sound with more clarity while maintaining the low end. Sure the beats made my head feel like it was going to shake off my shoulders, but for the life of me I couldn't tell if there was guitar in half of those damn songs (exaggeration of course, but the studio's have a habit of muddying the highs).


First impression of the Sony v700's was very, very positive. Powerful, punchy bass thanks to the 50mm driver, impressive sound output from mobile devices thanks to the 24ohms, the frequency response is excellent, ranging from 5hz - 30Khz. And no matter how loud I went (within reason) I couldn't get these things to distort. Another thing I noticed was how balanced it was across the spectrum as I could single out every instrument in a song fairly easily. They sound a bit flat initially, but after a few days of break in the highs started to sound more natural and the bass "warmed" a bit as well.


I was pretty damn happy with them until I did some researching and found the V MODA Crossfades... I found a pair on an insane discount from an official dealer, and bought a pair to compare the two, see which I liked better and return the losing pair. Problem is, I had trouble deciding which sound representation I liked better.


The V MODA's are similar in specs to the Sony's, same frequency response, 32 ohms, but with the main difference being the dual-diaphram 50mm driver unit. First thing I noticed switching from the MDR-v700's to the Crossfades is how much bass the crossfades put out. It is definitely in the range of the Beats Studio's where they "shake your head" so to speak with the bass, but instead of the bass drowning out the other sounds in the 'phones, the mids and highs are crisp and balanced alongside the powerful bass representation.


The problem that arose with me is that, with these two pairs of headphones and only being able to keep one, which one do I keep?!


If I was to say how the Sony's sounded in a studio, It would sound like I was in the studio itself, right beside each instrument as they played with the utmost clarity. With the V MODA's however, I would put it more akin with standing 5 feet in front of the band in the studio, with a more fully-realized concert of sounds together rather than the straight across/accurate response of the MDR's.


Overall, I came to the conclusion that the V-MODA's would better suite my taste in sound, as after feeling the bass in certain older rock songs, or the concerto's in other classical music, I don't think I could listen to them without that unique bass response and enjoy it nearly as much.