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Headphones suggestions to compliment ATH-AD700/PORTAPROS

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Hello everyone, I am new to these forums and I came here looking for some advice and suggestions on purchasing a new pair of headphones.

I enjoy audio and good audio quality, but I am not an expert at this stuff.

I currently own the ATH-AD700 and the Koss PortaPros. I have enjoyed both of them for over 2 years, but I would like to try something new.

I am looking to upgrade from my Koss PortaPros. At the moment, I have my eyes on the ATh-M50s , DT770, and the HFI-580.

Just today, I took a visit to Samson and I tried on the HD380, a recommendation from a friend.

To be honest I didn't like it, I plugged it into my android phone, messed around with my EQ, and no matter what It didn't sound as good as I thought it should for 200$.

Excuse me if I misuse some terms and I apologize in advance if I offend anyone, but the overall sound quality sounds "flat". Not really in a good way.

I enjoy the bass more from my portarpros and everything else on my AD700, than I do from the HD580s

I want to purchase new headphones for an upgrade, not a downgrade from what I already have, and since I'm paying a whole lot than I can really afford biggrin.gif I want the best possible for my preferences.

Someone help me? smily_headphones1.gif
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why not that one in your avatar? srh 840?

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Originally Posted by Dyaems View Post

why not that one in your avatar? srh 840?

hmm, I think somewhere along researching on headphones, I've read that the bass is lacking a bit.

But I'm curious on your views of it compared to the ones I have and the ones I've listed biggrin.gif
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The DT250 might be a good one. It's a bit more neutral than the AD700 and the Porta-pro, but has a nice subtle bassiness to it.
It's not going to leap out and grab you first time you listen to it, it's more the sort of headphone you just settle down and get comfortable with over a long time. That's to say, it lets the music speak for itself.
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subtle bass meaning its overall balanced but leaning towards the bass side?
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Yeah basically. It's a very balanced headphone with slightly rolled back treble.
I think the idea was to reduce fatigue in monitoring/production environments. But the relative effect is that the bass has more presence.
I'm not sure if it is as bassy as the porta-pro. The porta-pro, from my memory, has a mid-bass hump. But the DT250 sounds deeper and is punchier and more solid sounding.
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To compliment, our listed choices are all good ones. I would also through in the Denon d1100. For me, the comfort of the AD700 was huge, and I have found that only the d1100 matches it in comfort (earpads don't touch your ears at all). The DT770 is also a great choice.

You've heard it before, but it's of course best if you can try out headphones before you buy.

Hope that helps!
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+1 for the Beyerdynamic DT250s. Very comfortable and lovely sounding, solid headphones. They're the headphones which I'd never get rid of. 


I think the DT250s are more bassy than the porta pros. You might not like them if you appreciate the airy sound of the porta pros, though I guess the DT250s sense of isolation works as part of it's charm.

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Hmm, what about portability? It isn't a must, but I would like to bring it to long trips once in a while xD
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I suppose you don't find headphones like your AD700s portable? Are you looking for something that's foldable?

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of course not, but It would be a small plus if it is portable, I've looked into the DT250 and D1100 and they are definitely added to my list to consider buying

And I forgot to mention but I am also looking for something more on the brassier side.
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Definitely get the DT-250's. 

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I've been doing some research on the DT250, I couldn't find much about it but everyone seems to like it.

Question: How do they match up with the DT770, M-50, and D1100?
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bump biggrin.gif
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