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I have tried all sorts of positions and pressures with no avail.  I have let them burn in for the last 48 hrs hoping that would fix the issue but that didn't work either.  I do have to say it seems a little less of a difference between each side but I may just be tricking myself into thinking that because I haven't listened to them in 48 hrs ;)  I sent an e-mail to so hopefully he has a suggestion.

Hmm, my first pair did similar but when I adjusted the right earpiece or pushed it in a tad it would even out the bass for a minute or two, then I'd need to repeat, once I changed to the largest tips it went away. I am terribly sorry about this, others haven't any problems yet it's not unheard of. Damn....we almost had you psyched into buying an amp too. wink.gif Please let us know how it works out for you. 


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