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Also seeing complaints about these headphones being too "bright". So apparently it has treble problems and is bright.


Is it still worth buying with these problems?

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Honestly, it sounds warm to me, been listening to it on my Lyr + Fostex HPA4 stack. Will listen on my iFi Micro iDSD to see if it sounds warm as well.

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Originally Posted by Stanfoo View Post

Is the HD700 worth upgrading to from the HD598? Will it be better at everything? (If you can compare the two that'd be nice).


Also I heard the HD700 shines at female vocalists, is this true?


Hi Stanfoo


Just to quote myself on the HD598s........



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I’ve given them a comparative listen with the HD700s and AKG K712s. IMHO there are distinct quality differences, given the source (music)/amp the 700s have better detail retrieval and layering, also the overall sound is more sophisticated (natural) with deeper better resolved base..so with regards to the 700s and the K712s ..the 598s  “relatively” speaking are entry level  (which they’re not of course), they just do not scale as well. But un-amped, therefore straight from a computer etc, the HD598s can actually be more rewarding.


Given the quality of the recording, source and amplification there is a clear distinct quality difference between the two, much greater than lets say than between the HD700s and HD800s. While the HH598s do not do anything bad, they are a well rounded phone....but in direct comparison.....the HD700s IMHO are much truer/richer in the reproduction of harmonic overtones, detail retrieval, sound staging and layering... more life like if I may say….with the right recording…I’m almost there….the HD598s on the other hand still sound more like listening to headphones.


But having said that the HD598s are still a great headphone for casual listening, especially unamplified from ones laptop or computer…more so than the HD700s.

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Having used the HD600 for several years I know all it's strengths and weaknesses quite well. I recently bought the HD700 and I now have a new favourite HP for classical music and jazz. The layering and dynamics is far superior to the HD600. Detail extraction extremely good without being analytical like the HD800. Depending on your source and amp I understand that people may complain about the hot treble. I don't use these phones for modern music as I prefer the less analytical more laid back and punchy sound of the LCD 3 for these genres.


Tomorrow I will get the Moon Audio Black Dragon 4-pin replacement cable for the HD700, can'y wait to see how they will transform the sound characteristic, I don't expect a huge improvement, but I hope that going from SE to balanced should at least improve the soundstage a bit further.

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Trying out a Telefunken ECC88 6DJ8 (also have a pair of Amperex, trying to get some Mullard), I can't decide if I'm imagining it, but I did notice a little coarseness in the voice of a rather well known Chinese singer here (Jie Tou by Ah Mei) playing DSD64 tracks via my computer using Fostex music player with a Fostex HPA4 + Lyr stack. There was a little edginess/harshness when I was using the stock tubes that came with the Lyr. But with the Telefunken tubes, I noticed that this edginess seemed to have been smoothened out somewhat.....can different tubes do that?                                                     
Tubes! Tubes are the heart of the amp using them, and Definitely different tubes can do that. Stock Lyr tubes are pretty entry grade. Telefunkens are popular NOS options, considered very great, but I have yet to hear one. I have many good Amperex and a Sylvania JAN 6DJ8 which is forward and a bit coarse but amazing for electric guitar, my overall favourite so far are my four Russian Voskhods, very articulate and controlled better than the BugleBoy tubes I have.

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l also agree. l was 3 days away and l was really missing the 700s. Yesterday, l sent the cable to a person to have it reterminated (XLR) and l took my HE-400 and X1s out to give them a chance.

I'd like a shorter cable, I have a pair of twist-ties holding together the extra slack of my stock HD700 cable.
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Evs, Telefunken was a German TV set maker in the tube TV time. They have been out of the business in the early eighties. Do you think that tubes from that brand are still good. They might be more than 25 years old. Don't they age unused?
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