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Can you please suggest me a good amp and DAC for the HD700 under 500$?

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im running conductor 1796 with my new hd700's cant say im being blown away either probably my choice of music, still great but still missing that separation or clarity when its gets busy(muddy) similar to what my q701's do, so wondering if im missing something? hoping more burn in will help.

Also looking to replace the standard cable which im hoping will improve sounds overall.

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Just got the Explorer² today. Initial reaction after ~6 hours of listening to FLAC files on my HD700: Holy crap it sounds good!


I did roughly 10 AB comparisons of different tracks from different genres hooked up to Vali using E² as DAC and also using only E² as a DAC/amp combo. There is definitely a difference. I prefer using E² as a DAC and Vali as the amp, but would not mind at all using E² as my portable DAC/amp, since there's no wall wart to worry about and it's small enough to carry in my pocket or backpack if need be. When used as a DAC/amp combo, there is no sound floor / hiss like there is when using the Vali as the amp. The sound is slightly colored as a DAC/amp and also slightly less smooth than when using Vali with it, but still incredibly detailed, resolving, and has ridiculous soundstage (I'd say more than when hooked up to Vali). I have to listen to it more and do some more tests with my other headphones and IEMs.


Before I got the Explorer² and Vali, there wasn't a major difference listening to FLAC files and Google Play Music streaming. FLAC files of course sounded a bit smoother and more full, but now, it's completely different. I hear every little detail in songs, instrument separation is perfect, soundstage is even more insane, eliminated just about any treble spike, etc. I understand now why people spend hundreds and even thousands on just amps and DACs, when it seemed ridiculous to me before. I also know why fans of HD700 say it needs a good amp and DAC to bring out its full potential (which I probably have yet to reach, but am close enough). The only problem is that I now have to expand my FLAC collection. I guess 300+ gigs worth of songs isn't going to be enough...


By the way, I bought Explorer² from a guy on eBay who has a decent amount of stock on hand. I'm not going to say what I paid for mine, but let's just say it's below the $300 retail price. It was factory sealed and in perfect condition when it arrived.



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What were you using for a DAC before?  Just the garbage on-board sound from your computer?

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Originally Posted by Stillhart View Post

What were you using for a DAC before?  Just the garbage on-board sound from your computer?

No, the E10. Like I said multiple times throughout this thread, I knew I needed a quality amp and DAC to listen to HD700 at its potential and do it justice...







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No need to get snippy.  This isn't the only thread on Head-fi, can't remember everyone.

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Originally Posted by Stillhart View Post

No need to get snippy.  This isn't the only thread on Head-fi, can't remember everyone.

I wasn't getting snippy. I simply provided some of my post history in this thread to remind you that I'm not using "the garbage on-board sound from my computer."


I honestly don't know why you feel the need to act superior and constantly bash the HD700. I appreciate your opinions and your reminders of free Linn tracks in the deals thread, but you seem to have an unhealthy hate against the HD700 for some reason. You also like to "snip" at people's inferior gear and experience with headphones compared to your own. We get it, you dislike the HD700 and think that other headphones are far superior and less expensive, but many of us actually love this headphone and have found a good amp/DAC combo to pair with it and don't hear the issues that you keep bringing up in every post here.

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Originally Posted by Stillhart View Post


Weird, it kinda sounds like you are getting snippy.  


I was asking what you were using before to get a better idea of how good your new DAC is.  Believe it or not, I was actually trying to learn from you.  It's pretty widely accepted by anyone who's been on Head-fi for more than a day or two that the DAC that comes with your computer is garbage; I don't know why you'd take umbrage at my use of that term.


And believe it or not again, I don't hate the HD700. I think it's a rather good headphone whose sound I'm not into and that happens to be overpriced at MSRP.  This is the impressions thread where people come to discuss their impressions; I wasn't aware that only positive impressions were allowed.  Not only that, but what's the point of this thread if only positive impressions are allowed?  It just turns into a circle-jerk, which is great for the participants but less that useful to anyone else.  Giving someone my honest opinion on it could save them from a $500-750 mistake.  I'm trying to give my impressions without being aggressive or hyperbolic or disrespectful.  If you hear snip or superiority that's something you're projecting.


Except for this post.  I'm actually pretty annoyed right now.


Anyways, yeah, I'll be unsubscribing from this thread.  Have fun guys, enjoy your HD700's.

I got "snippy" after your last post, saying that I'm getting "snippy" when I wasn't.


I've held my tongue regarding your consistent negative posts against the HD700. I have no interest in arguing with someone's opinions. Even after I made a legitimate response to your snobby question of "What were you using for a DAC before?  Just the garbage on-board sound from your computer?" you responded with another rude comment, accusing me of being snippy. That's when I felt the need to finally call you out. I could provide other examples of your superiority complex just in this thread alone, but I won't waste my time. People that have been reading your posts for a while know exactly what you're about.


I took offense to you assuming that I was using my "garbage on-board sound from my computer" because you could clearly see in my signature and forum profile what gear I own and are using. You could have also done a quick search for my posts in this thread, like you recommended others do just yesterday. You haven't done either, but decided to say I was getting snippy with you.


When did I ever say that only positive impressions are allowed here? Everyone's opinions are allowed and are as valid as any other, even negative impressions. However, you consistently and constantly post ridiculously exaggerated negative feedback on the HD700 (like saying the HD700 has a problem with treble on "pretty much anything with a hi-hat cymbal. lol.") I would call what you're doing here bashing, because it is. You're not simply posting an impression when you camp this thread and bash this headphone on a daily basis.

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