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For Sale: IC: functional K1000

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For Sale:
IC: functional K1000

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi all,


I'm thinking of letting go of my fixer-upper pair of K1000s. They have a buzzing in the left driver which seems to appear on particularly bass heavy music. Edit: They actually came this way but I don't think that caveat will make or break things at this point. I've had them looked over (and recabled) by Fitz, but it still seems to persist. I'm too busy these days to take a look at it, so I figured someone else might be interested.  I have a box with some lining but not the original foam, as well as an anti-cable pigtail. Price listed is what I had in mind as far as a straight-up sale is concerned, give or take.


To add: I also purchased replacement front and back grills for this unit. I don't have the originals.


I'll update with more information and pictures as soon as I can. Pictures are up, sorry for the delay- trying to make use of my new  phone.


Thanks for your time.

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Any pics?

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Pictures please!

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do people still bump this way?

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Tempting sale if its a fixable problem, otherwise not sure if ready to drop $450-500 for NOS drivers.

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Nice bump for a dead listing!

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