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For Sale: Weiss DAC202

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For Sale:
Weiss DAC202

Will Ship To: UK / EU

A mint condition black Weiss DAC202, in the original package, with the remote control and, as a bonus, the firewire cable endorsed by Weiss, Oyaide Neo d+, for use with a firewire equipped Macbook Pro. Listed on eBay for 2900£, slightly cheaper (2800£) if purchased via with cash on collection / bank transfer. Real photos and more details on eBay. Available in Wimbledon / London. 


Also interested in part trades with Naim stuff (NAP300, NAC 252, 555PS, Fraim) or certain headphones - Fostex TH900, Audeze LCD3, Stax SR007 or SR009.

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Thanks everyone for your interest. To answer some of your questions I am only interested in trades with the following Naim toys, adjusting prices on either side as needed:

- Naim NAC252

- Naim NAP300 (fresh owner of a lovely pair of Ultimatum's XLS and they deserve much better than my lowly 150)

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New eBay link

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Available in July, after 16th. 

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And another eBay link. So far offers between 2000 and 2850. As I tried to explain many times to any potential buyer this DAC is a good buy even at the retail price. The best headphone amplifier on a DAC (on par with my Phonitor), the integrated INT202 interface which costs 950£ alone (and is the best computer interface I've heard, full stop), free Amarra - this is a truly hifi one box affair for a Mac user. The DAC itself is several steps above the Benchmark/ Lavry level, better than Minerva - it takes serious cash to beat it.  

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And another ebay link. Still interested in trades with a Naim streamer (NDX, NDS, HDX, UnitiServe), a Naim DAC or a NAP250.

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Next week only XXXX£ for cash on collection in London. Shipment and Paypal - the buyer covers the fees. 

After 20th August I will be away for a while so the DAC will probably be available again, if it doesn't sell now, in October, at the previous price - 3200. 

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I will be away until the end of September. I will have no Internet access for a couple of weeks so please be patient - I will answer all your questions and messages when I come back. Thanks for your understanding. 

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Available again (UK, SW19). Included in the sale: original package, manual, remote control with protecting film still on, DAC in mint condition, black EU version, Oyaide Neo + Firewire cable for connection to a Macbook Pro.


The new asynchronous USB interface can be fitted but the unit has to be shipped back to the factory in Switzerland and the cost is aprox. 500£.


Purchased September 2010, sold as is, without a warranty or receipt. Retail price 4600£.   

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Also open to trades - Naim stuff particularly (NAP 300, NAC 252, 555PS, Fraim etc).

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Also interested in trades with Audeze LCD3, Fostex TH900, Stax Omega or SR009. 

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