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EPA-007 headphone amplifier – Phase Tech Digital (Japan)

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Phase Tech Digital is a “digital” branch of the more 'analog' Japanese high-end audio company Phasemation. They make almost everything, cartridges, CD transport, hybrid passive volume attenuators, receivers, phono/power/headphone amplifiers, two DACs and a rubidium external clock. Phasemation makes highly polished products and their flagship monoblock tube amplifier is about USD 25,000 per channel to give you an idea. Phase Tech Digital products look less polished in appearance but are also more affordable.


The EPA-007 headphone amplifier (MSRP: 132 300 Japanese yen = 1 679.42 U.S. dollars; though it can be had in Japan and websites for around ¥95,220 ~ 1000 USD brand new):





Google translator quotes from the product's official page in Japanese:



"Form Dual mono headphone amplifier drive

Input An analog line (RCA / XLR)
Output 6.3φ standard stereo jack × 2
Input impedance 10kΩ
Frequency characteristic 20 ~ 100kHz-0.5dB
Corresponding impedance headphones 16 ~ 600Ω
Residual noise Less than 50μV
Crosstalk 90dB or more
Power consumption 1.5W (AC100V 50/60Hz)
The maximum Dimensions (mm) (Height) × 57 (width) 220 (depth) × 234
Mass 2kg
Accessories AC power cable"


Product description:

"EPA-007 was I planning the design intent want to play in the grade of high-end speakers and headphones. Sensitivity is overwhelmingly high and about 1000 times in the power ratio compared to the loudspeaker, headphone will ensure sufficient volume in the power of 1mW degree. Because sensitivity is high, the quality of the device is reflected in the sound sensitive headphones like this. As with Phase Tech other products, ensuring the freshness of the music by the device configuration and minimal discrete circuit configuration in EPA-007. Also, it has a wide range of magnitude impedance than the speaker and 16 ~ 500Ω, to obtain the optimum braking force to any headphone, it is difficult to headphones. By varying the braking force of the headphones, dump controller mounted this time can get a more natural, and softness of the sound that matches the taste head prospective position. ● Dual Monoanpu by all stage discrete composition headphones high sensitivity is very sensitive to freshness degradation due to the passage of the device. It was a whole page discrete configuration without using the OP amplifiers to avoid the freshness decrease in EPA-007, was examined device. and dual power Monoanpu also independent, and can be driven in mono configuration headphones balance cable type wiring the L / R is completely separate. ● equipped with a dump controller that gives the optimal braking force to the headphone dump controller which is mounted on the EPA-007 allows you to set the optimal braking force to the headphones with a wide range of impedance variation and 16 ~ 500Ω. For a long time by the sound image by the adhesion of the head pat, including to drive at an appropriate braking force, bass playing with a massive enables, have been localized in the pinpoint in my head is relaxed moderately has the effect of stress is reduced to listening. ● protection circuit equipped protect the headphone It is equipped with a cut-off protector to prevent pop noise of power on / off time is transmitted to the headphones, to protect the headphones to abnormal operation. ● no resonance, no vibration and interference-free chassis with all-aluminum the housing of high strength that is not subject to interference from other by configuring chassis front panel, of 2mm thick, the top cover machined by aluminum material is a non-magnetic material realization. Also we have an enclosed structure without slits to heat by using the chassis surface. ● Guidance of dual mono headphone cable connection for EPA-007 is capable of dual mono connection if headphone 4-wire. Li acoustic vibe like we have a lineup of dual-mono headphone cable connection of EPA-007 for more."


You can also purchase two Acoustic-Revive TRS male to 3-pin XLR female adapter and a HD800 balanced cable terminated with dual TRS male of the same brand, on the amplifier's product page.




Here's a video review in Japanese language


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I have Phasemation EPA-007 since yesterday to write review, and this machine is great. 

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Hey, thank you for coming here. This is still my number one desired amplifier, I'm really glad you're telling me you're going to review it as information about it on the internet is still pretty scarce even in Japanese language.

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Originally Posted by devouringone3 View Post

Hey, thank you for coming here. This is still my number one desired amplifier, I'm really glad you're telling me you're going to review it as information about it on the internet is still pretty scarce even in Japanese language.

I don't know if it is any facilitation, but review will be in Polish. After some days here:


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I can't read Polish so nope, but I take every information I can and Google's translation of your review in English should be good enough to read, hehe. Thanks again for telling me about this review you're doing.

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If Ear Stream is cold sounding headphone amp, I am tyranosaurus rex. And generally there are two kinds of headphone amps - good and bad ones. 

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And Piotr Ryka uploaded his review of the Phasemation EPA-007: (translated in English by Google) http://translate.google.ca/translate?hl=en&sl=pl&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fhifiphilosophy.com%2F%3Fp%3D7437


Original in Polish language: http://hifiphilosophy.com/?p=7437

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^ This review ^ was translated by 6moons in a agreement they made with the reviewer: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/phasemation/1.html


Also, the amplifier is now available to be purchased on Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/PHASETECH-Phasetech-Headphone-Amplifier-Epa-007/dp/B00CD0NUSY


Though it's priced the double of what you can get it for in Japan.



It's only a matter of time before I get one and start talking about it.

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