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Nakamichi DJ Headphones : Model NHP850

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Not sure how long these have been around but there's no hits in here for them.  Thought I would ask and/or let people know they existed for what it's worth, as the only thing I see by them is usually their IEM's.


The only ones I can see look like they are hovering around the $130 mark.


SO: one of you see fit to pick one up and let us know what you think?

Maybe they'll get back into the Dragon series, but with headphones. Wouldn't that be something.


nakamichi-sdi.com 2012-5-31 1:16:28.png




HD Professional DJ Headphone

Professional 40mm Driver

Aluminum Inlay Ear Cup

Active Noise Isolation

Powerful Bass with High Sensitivity

Gold Plated Stereo Mini-Jack


Driver: 40mm

Frequency Response: 10Hz~22KHz

Impedance: 32Ω

Net Weight: 195g(Approx)


3M Coiled Cord

3M Straight Cord

Extra 1M Cord, one end with mobile phone compatible 3.5mm plug

3.5mm Gold Plated Plug and 6.3mm Plug Adapter

Carrying Bag

Colour :

NHP850(S)- Silver&Black

NHP850(W) – White&Gray


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Nice they look cool they look really strong





also there other ones look like beats


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I just bought one.
I'd say it is crispy enough on the higher frequencies, yet isnt the best i have ever heard.
However, it does have a great powerful round bass.
Noise isolation is also good.
It does have smaller ear cup though, which implicates the prolonged use to be slightly weary.
Got it compared to ath m50 and i deem nph 850 is better sound quality wise, however m50 is more comfortable for longer use.
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Btw it is intriguing that there was only this site, when i searched 'nhp 850 review'.
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Am I the only one that read the title as NickiMinaj DJ Headphones at first? I instantly face palmed, then I reread it.

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