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Been reading these forums for a while now and have been a great resource for anybody looking for headphones. Now I need advice from the head-fi's out there.


I looking to get a new pair of $150-$200 active noise cancelling, over ear (back enclosed) head-phones for use on city transit. I like listening to old school new wave / dance / techno (think Depeche Mode, New Order) music mostly and may watch the occasionally downloaded TV show that i missed the night before.


From the reading I have been doing I'm kind of leaning toward the Audio Technica ATH-ANC7b for the balance of noise cancelling and sound quality. Do these work for sound if the N/C battery is dead? I heard the Bose headphones will not work if the battery is dead.

Would the ATH-ANC7b be a good match for me or are there other headphones that i should consider?



I see from the forums that IEM's are much more popular than the noise cancelling type, however my ears tend to get tired with anything stuck in them. I prefer over the ear type headphones but I am open to suggestions for IEM's in the same price range that have multiple ear piece tips. 


Thanks for any and all help!