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Does anybody know what headphone is he wearing?

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In episode 11 on the fifth season of Mad Men, Pete Campbell is shown wearing this headphone. Could anyone identify them for me? Thanks.

vlcsnap2012053111h59m13s34.png vlcsnap2012053112h12m14s135.png


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Thats an easy one; Koss Pro4A.


I've been wanting to try a pair of these or the successor, the Pro4AA.

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Yep. I had a pair of them, a new pair from last year. I ended up giving them away as I don't need all these headphones I had. I liked them though.

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i tried those before and it doesnt sound good to me. sounds lifeless and dull.. not to mention that these are heavier than the LCD2 and HE6

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Thanks for the replies guys. Because of the shape and that knob located on the left cup intrigued me..

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The knob on the bottom is actually a mount-point for a boom microphone.

You can buy a modern reproduction of the Pro4AA (a 1970s model successor to this) directly from Koss for around $100, and it still has the lifetime warranty. Just go to their website. I think they sell them through Amazon still too. They're one of the heaviest headphones out there, at 595g.
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Does anyone know what years these Pro-4A models were produced? I've just bought an emaculate set just like the ones on the Mad Men episode that are in the box with instruction/brocure that says they were $50.00 but doesn't say any dates? I'd like to send them back to Koss for the ear pads that seam to be a little deflated or empty of the fluid they were filled with. Koss asks you to register the product for warranty use but they ask where you purchased them and what date, and I don't know if they will honor a second hand purchase? Have any of you ever sent a Koss product back to have them warranted? It says the set was designed to function with amplifiers capable of 60 watts per channel, and I'm also thinking these sound a bit empty compared to my much newer 1990s Radioshack Koss headphones. Do you know if the warranty includes the other Koss products manufactured for other sellers brands like Radioshack? I've got another Radioshack set thats older in the K series without the volume controls that also sound a bit empty like the Pro-4As but are also in emaculate condition and I'd like to find out if Koss offers the limited lifetime for these?

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