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September 16th Vancouver Head-Fi MEET! - Page 25

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Originally Posted by ShortieFish View Post

I am going to fall out of my chair I am so excited for this thing oh my goodness. Is there something wrong with me

Just as you should be. Large meets like this only happen only once or twice a year. My first meet, I ended up not being able to sleep the night beforehand. Came 2 hours early tongue.gif

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Originally Posted by TwinQY View Post

Just as you should be. Large meets like this only happen only once or twice a year. My first meet, I ended up not being able to sleep the night beforehand. Came 2 hours early tongue.gif


oh mannnnnnn oh man oh man.


alright I'm gonna go to bed so I'm not falling asleep in a pair of LCD2s or something. see you all tomorrow asdfghjkl;'

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Okay. Anyone without a name tag will be in serious trouble.

Originally Posted by planx View Post


Hey, I'm not too concerned about lates. For security reasons, I'm more interested in when people are going to leave. Hope everyone understands!


I will have my laptop there and I already have a Word Doc with the attendance updated. I will mark peoples names whenever they leave and at what time. That is a good idea GG, but instead of a sheet, I will have my Doc. Yes, come to my table once you arrive to get a fancy pansy name tag biggrin.gif


I guarantee you will not fall asleep with LCD2s on. They're head-crushers (until you get used to it after a month or so).

Originally Posted by ShortieFish View Post


oh mannnnnnn oh man oh man.


alright I'm gonna go to bed so I'm not falling asleep in a pair of LCD2s or something. see you all tomorrow asdfghjkl;'

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bring a camera!

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running late this morning, will hopefully arrive before 1. Thanks all. 

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Originally Posted by TwinQY View Post

Hopefully people won't have a problem with directions for tomorrow. If anyone thinks they might get lost on the way, hit me a PM. 

Basically, it's just a Skytrain ride to Waterfront, then up West Hastings a few blocks. I forget what the building looks like though... It's been a while.

Ya, super easy to take the train down to Waterfront. Beautiful day for a nice walk through Coal Harbour. Really no reason to drive unless you have a ton of stuff you are bringing. There are also a couple buses from the station that will bring you closer. I know the 19 which goes down Pender, but you could look up others that even are closer.
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That was a lot of fun! Thanks Travis and Planx for organising this, it was a great experience and I'm looking forward to possibly another one in the future!
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Yes. Thanks guys for putting this together. It was a blast. I'll be at the next one for sure. Thanks everyone for sharing. Really a great community.
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Really nice time today. Great weather! Took a long walk down Coal Harbour afterwards. Thanks for organizing the meet everyone! 


Some particularly noteworthy gear: 

D2000s (first time hearing those, really clean sound)

RE252 (Really liquid sounding, phenomenal) 

PFE232 (Technically the best universals I've heard)

Mjolnir (By far, the best sounding LCD-2 rig I have ever heard, blows my Benchmarks out of the water. Also makes the LCD-3s more deserving of the higher price)

Monoprices (Both the in-ears and the full-sized)

SRH1840s (tonal balance, clarity, etc is off the charts good. Would be my next pair if it wasn't for the slightly anemic and horribly incoherent bass...a real pity)

Also surprising to see the Galaxy S3 with external DAC via USB. 

The Audio-Technicas were really special as well


Can't wait for the next big meet!

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Do we have an impressions thread yet?

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Great meet - thanks again Travis and Planx!


Highlights for me were the HE-400 and the LCD-3. The LCD-3 was a surprise because I've tried and failed to like the LCD-2 so many times now. But man, $1000 just for a little more treble? Ouch!


I definitely need more head time with the PS1000 too - they made a great first impression. And the HD-25's - so glad I finally got to try a pair. What a fun headphone.


Sorry, I didn't like the Shures. frown.gif I can't find the words to describe the wonky forward mids and weird treble. Just a strange sounding headphone to me.


It's been at least 10 years since I've visited Vancouver and I've never been to Coal Harbor. What a great day it was for a stroll on the marina, coffee and bagels at Starbucks, some great Canadian hospitality, and then some after meet ice cream. Just a really nice day.

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Thank you planx and Travis! Had a great time trying and lending gear, thank you to all involved! Here are a few pix that I snapped.





















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Highlight's for me were the Grado PS-1000, Senn HD-800 and the Senn HD-25's.  We ran out of time before I could spend any time with the LCD-3's.  I spent a good amount of time with the LCD-2's - thought I was gonna like them more than I did. Need another listen, maybe in a quieter room. Always wanted to hear a set of Denon's. Now I have with the D2000's.  Some pics below....








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Grabbed some more photos of the headphones:




Double Helix Cables, ridiculously unwieldy and thick. Not sure how expensive these were though...




Schiit Mjolnir, I think coupled with the ODAC.



The Hifiman planars in a family photo, top left has the HE-400s w/ pleathers, velours in the middle. HE-500s near the right.



Sennies together, with the SRH1840s sneaking a peek. Despite their sound, I really love how they look. Modern and elegant.



LCD-3s and LCD-2s, respectively



Bottom left - Grado PS1000s (personal favourite), Top middle - PS500s, Bottom right, sr225i



The Audio-Technica family. Real classy headphones.



Vintage AKG K141, Beyerdynamic T70p, Denon D2000



Marantz CD player, not sure which one, with some Hifiman stuff on top



One group shot of the planars



And one final group shot of everything. Really nice time today, great stuff.

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Hey everyone! Today was a huge success! A bigger success than I was expecting! Everyone was just so unique and it was incredible to meet everyone individually and really made my first Head-Fi meet a REALLY hard one to beat. I want to thank Travis for bringing the refreshments and delicious snacks for everyone and finding a place for this to go down! I also want to thank Palmfish and ShortieFish individually for really putting in the effort to come all the way up to Vancouver from Washington. Stuff like that really surprises me how nice and genuine Head-Fi members are in real life! It was more of a pleasure to meet everyone than the actual listening of the gear, everyone had so much to say that I barely got any listening done! My personal highlights of the meet were Dylan (sorry I forgot your Head-Fi name!) giving me the Ultrasone Binaural files which were just incredible to listen to. Also trying my HE-400 on Palmfish's setup was a great experience. And the ridiculously bassy XB500 from Derlus was just an absolute joy, especially with a maxed out Digizoid ZO (I forgot which version!). I finally got to try out the SRH1840 that I wanted to try for SO long and when listening to Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion's The Prayer (this song ALWAYS gives me goosebumps), it was like GOOSEBUMPTITUS! I never felt that emotional with that song in such a short period of time! Such a shame Palmfish didn't enjoy them frown.gif


I am honored to have been your co-host today and maybe sometime 2013 we can have another great event like this. Everyone was great company and really enjoyed this meet. Thanks everyone for coming out!


planx, Leo

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