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TTVJ and Hisoundaudio Golden Crystal Promotion

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HI All,


TTVJ Golden Crystal promotion program:


Golden Crystal, Really crystal------- Worth a try ????




Hisoundaudio not only manufactures the longest battery life portable DAT player but also designs earphones with the smallest drivers. Both products have superior sound quality. How does the sound quality of Golden Crystal compare with other companies flagship models? Does Golden Crystal have the similar sound signature of high end loudspeakers? For the “flagship” earphone fanatics,is the Golden Crystal worth trying? We think so!


Hisoundaudio will release the new Golden Crystal IEM and presents to you the following promotional program!


Promotion A, 50% off !!! ( retail price is $199, The promotional price is $99.5). We will select 10 winners and 10 Pieces will be sold for the super low price of $99.50 + shipping! We also expect a review of the Golden Crystal to be written here as part of the promotion…




Promotion B, Combines the Golden Crystal with the ROCOO BA (Total is USD 448,  for the super low price of $249 + shipping)  We will sell 30 of this combo! Again, we are expecting a review to be written about the Golden Crystal





 and the ROCOO BA.






The buyer will be responsible for the shipping fee. For US residents the shipping will be $10 for Priority Mail. In Canada it will be $25 for Global Priority Mail.


For all other shipping it will be $10 for standard and 30 for priority


This promotion will expire on 30th, June.


To apply: Post your main earphone inventory in this thread. Please don’t forget to tell us which promotional offer you prefer. We will pick the qualified applicants to buy at the promotional price. For the promotional pricing, we expect to have reviews of the products. You should post your reviews or comments on the Crystal or ROOO BA at here:



Thanks for your participation.




P.S. The introduction of Golden Crystal IEMs.

Golden Crystal is one of the top IEMs on the market.

It is the smallest dynamic type IEMs in the world. It represents the pinnacle of Hisoundaudio’s expertise in earphone design. Normally the IEM applies 9-16mm drivers. The larger the drivers, the more bass there is. But larger driver results to uncomfortable fit so the Golden Crystal only uses the 5mm drivers, which is very minute and light. Hence, the superb comfort.


The sound signature of Golden Crystal is unparalleled. It has amazing bass which results from the manufacturing techniques derived from loudspeaker design. The mids and highs of Colden Crystal is the typical of a superior BA type which is very transparent, clear, clean and crisp.


As the flagship IEM, the performance of Golden Crystal is aimed to be near perfect. It has excellent resolution which will bring out every detail of in your music. Hear every breath, appreciate every instrument, and hear music like you never hear before!


The chamber of the Golden Crystals is processed by an advanced CNC machine. The cable is applied 6N OFC and is hand braided for a very professional and unique looks.

The Golden Crystals combine the ultimate small factor design with astounding sound quality and superior comfort.


No matter what IEMs you have now, Golden Crystal is sure worth your experience in your music appreciation journey.

2, Review:


3, Specification:


TypeDynamicin ear

Size of the driver@5mm

impedance16 OHM


Maximum SPL (Sound pressure level)125db1khz1 Vrms

Frequency response15-23khz

earphone jack 3.5mm

 Length of the cable 124CM

Chamber: Alloy

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HI All,


This promotion is now live! Have fun and good luck getting the Golden Crystal headphones or the combo. Both are very good pieces!



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Please add my name to Promotion A:


Here's my inventory of main iem's:


Sennheiser IE80
Westone 4
EarSonics SM3

Vsonic GR07 & GR06

Shure SE535-V & SE215
Victor/JVC HA-FX700
Brainwavz M3 & M4 
MEElectronics A151-BK & A161p
Sony MDR-EX1000 & XBA-4 

Aurisonics ASG-1 (rev. 1.2) 

Audio Technica CKM-500 & ATH -CKS77 (with CK100Pro on the way)

Rocket Sounds R50




Also have (but not currently using):


Head Direct -RE0

Audio Technica ck-10

Ortofone e-Q5


Monster Golds, Copper, &  Miles Davis

Phiaton PS 200

Phonak Audeo PFE-112



plus a few others that I can't recall, and some that I have sold.



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Good luck to everyone, too bad my funds ran short AGAIN, arg.... damn motorbikes.


Anyway when a studio V promo pops up from next month onwards, ill jump on it :p

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Hi Guys,


This is a great chance to get a very good IEM at half price or even better yet get them with a great DAP - The ROCOO BA! Either way this is one great way to try out some of the great products that Hisoundaudio is making these days! You will not get many opportunities to get great new gear at such a great price!



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this golden crystal is crystal clear..... havent seen a need to get another iem, cept the LiVING


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