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I sold a Xin Supermini and a pair of KSC 35s to Tao. Communication with Tao was always pleasant, fast and unambiguous, and payment was effected immediately. Strong recommendation!
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HD580 Jubilees

I bought a pair of HD580 Jubilees from Tao. Communication was excellent and the 'phones arrived in perfect condition. Recommended.

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sold Tao some JFETs for a PPA. Really nice guy to deal with, and prompt payment. Would deal with again, thanks chief

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Sold Tao a SlimX-350. Great communication and fast payment. Highly recommended! Thanks!
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i bought a pair of ultrasone hfi-650 dvd edition phones from Tao. superb communication and packing. overall im extremely pleased with the interaction.
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Bought a SuperMini from Tao, everything went very smooth, communication was excellent! He even send out the SuperMini before he had received the money! Would definetly not hesitate to do business with him again.
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Tao sent me two NEC 3xp plus drives and charged me just for the shipping and his own expenses (only reluctantly for the latter, I might add). Moreover, he shipped them even before payment could have arrived! Communication was fast and friendly. A great guy to deal with. I owe him one.
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Bought a pair of Sony CD3000 and was a pleasure to deal with. Communication over the phones, payment and shipping was easy and straightforward. Everything was as described.
Would definately do business again.
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Sold him my gilmore lite. Quick payment and very polite.
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Tao bought my HD-25's from me. He is a great head-fi'er and I am glad to know my phones have found a great new home. Thanks, Tao.
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deal with confidence

smooth transaction, prompt payment and great communication. Tao is a super guy to deal with :-)
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Bought some Beyerdynamic DT880 heaphones from Tao. He was very responsive and honest. He shipped the phones to me very quickly. They arrived in excellent condition and without any customs charges. Great seller.
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Bought my headphones, great to deal with. Always responds to msgs really quickly and sends money even faster. Makes me not worry about sending items worldwide
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Sold Item: Custom amp.

What can I say that has not already been said?
Friendly, Effective communications and prompt payment made for a a very easy transaction.
Sometimes the worst part about working out a deal is you lose touch with the person you were trading with...... In this case that is a shame cause Tao is truly a class act.
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A great head-fier. He bought some pads from me and paid immediately. Friendly and precise communication. A real pleasure to deal with!

Highly recommended.

Thanks, Tao!
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