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For Sale: Open backed Denon 5000's

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Open backed Denon 5000's

Will Ship To: CONUS

Bought these from Head-Fi member, Lee730. I don't need them now since I bought a pair of HE-6's. I switched out the open backed cups for Lawton dampened  stock 5000 cups. Both versions provide superior sound over stock cups. The Lawton dampened cups have a small ding on the bottom of the left cup, otherwise they look fine. I also have an extra set of pads although the pair on the cans are like new. Original cups can be ordered thru Lawton when they have some in stock.


I have set a low price, 325.00 which includes Paypal fees and shipping since they are not stock 5000's. Here is the link to the original mod. Will post photos later this evening.

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ConUS does not include Canada ?

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CONUS doesn't include Canada but I will ship to Canada, it just cost a little more than I would want to include in the free shipping

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First i was thinking in pick a D2000, but as this is difficult and few find it here in the forum, I'm thinking about buying your D5000 because a friend of mine will be passing by the United States and Canada this month and will bring it to me.

Which amp i need to drive the D5000 ?

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Sorry but they are sold

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