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It works but no leather case. 070212174859.jpg Not complaining.

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My fx700 came with the case and it's nice but I would carry it around all day, it's more to stow away tips! I like the meelec cases with zippers or the ones with magnetic closures. In the end if it makes you happy than that's all that matters!
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"audiophile night club" I wish places like this exist biggrin.gif

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I would expect there to be heavy emphasis on the deep-inserting single flange tips as well as many spare v-Jays

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Originally Posted by DannyBai View Post

FXD80's might be my favorite universal I've ever heard.  These are seriously wicket sounding phones.  


I guess that makes 2 of us !  ...just back from the honeymoon with FXD80, so a little weak in the knees !    ...sorry for not reporting back earlier, but they were just so enchanting.


Juicy bits

I was ready to go and grabbed the first CD lying around (ABBA, of all CDs) blink.gif

Intending to just check out the vocals and then move on, I ended up listening to the whole CD !

The details and layering of the mids and high is just incredible and I heard quite abit of new 'sounds' which I didn't knew existed in these songs.


Ended up fooling around with them and a stack of CDs the whole day and totally forgot to A/B with the other IEMs which I had intended to originally. I played the various genre and they handled them all pretty well, female vocals are where they really shine, I can't recall the song but one particular track had the hair on me back of the neck standing.


They don't have as much quantity of bass as the CKM500 but the quality of whatever there is, are really outstanding, the mids and highs are perfectly done and IMHO have the edge over the CKM500.


Sorry, ...have to go !   ...feeling the urge to listen to them now. evil_smiley.gif

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That's encouraging. My 80's are on the burn-in frying pan, so to speak. Chastity will be broken at the 50 hour mark.

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Originally Posted by kiteki View Post

Kanuka the price is http://victor-direct.jp/shop/item_detail?category_id=4627&item_id=830258 versus http://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B0081YU6YW/


and there's only 5 days left to get the leather case I think.


You can enter your tenso.com address at the JVC place.

Me: Looks like I'll be pulling that trigger a little early.

My wallet: Curse you kiteki!



The prices aren't that bad once you factor in the 4.76% tax that is levied against them. It's much lower than it is anywhere in Canada.

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Hello guys and gals. I've been sooooo busy! And I'm still busy, but just dropping a note to state that I should have my 80 and 70 by Friday. EMS says they're at the airport about to be shipped out. Yes!! So, what's has been in my ears? Well, I've been alternating between the ASG-1.2, Audiofly AF56 and (finally) the Audiofly AF78. 


I admittedly didn't care for the AF78 too much because it didn't seem like enough bass and the dynamic/BA hybrid drivers didn't seem to gel well. Well, after a 100 hours of burn-in the hybrid had blossomed into a beautiful neutral sounding IEM, with the layers of sound that only dual dynamics drivers or hybrids seem to offer. I am typing all of this on this thread because I will mainly be putting the 80 and 70 up against those three IEMs. Anyway, happy listening! I'll report back later when I get them in.

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Originally Posted by FieldingMellish View Post




AAaannnnd, it's Fielding Mellish by a Nose!!





Well done, mine haven't even been updated, so are currently stuck in limbo.



Originally Posted by DannyBai View Post

I also own the EPH-100 and those could possibly be one of the best universals I've heard also.  Maybe I'm just addicted to different sounds from different brands and headphone/earphones.  The JVC's sort of suck me in more than the Yamaha's currently.  Both are awesome and are worth owning, especially at the prices they sell for.  Funny you mention babe I'm leaving you because that was the tune I was listening to when I felt how good it sounded.  Kashmir is something special also, I also have the Symphonic version of Zeppelin songs and that album is fantastic on headphones/earphones.  Especially ones with good amount of quality bass.  

Excellent, as i bought these to kind of compliment my yamahas.


I wanted something that was more open, with more forward mids and a sparkle in the top end.


Sound to me like just the ticket.

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If anyone is interested in trading a FXD80 or EPH-100 for a CKM500, RE-262 or Rockit R-50 give me a PM.

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There's an area on this site for doing deals and trades.

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Originally Posted by FieldingMellish View Post

There's an area on this site for doing deals and trades.


If you look at my feedback history I'm not new to this place.

Just letting the word out in the belly of the beastbiggrin.gif

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The FXD80 has received some kind of medal






You see the golden crown, and the number 1?


Yeah, it's like pouring diesel on a fire this one, this IEM is taking off like a spaceship...

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Mine has left Japan, should be here in a day or two, wohoo!

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Not sure if I'm becoming a JVC fanboy but the FXD70's sound absolutely awesome too.  I haven't listened to them in awhile and decided to listen to them the last couple of days and these nanotubes just sound amazing.  Unlike many other earphones, once I put these in, it's hard to take them out.  Curiosity is killing me so I had to order the FXD60's to see how far off they are from it's siblings.  They better not make anymore.  

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