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AKG Q460 or Sennheiser PX360

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i listen to music from my ipod touch.

i presently have a beats tour and i'm looking forward to buy an over-ear or on-ear headphone..

pls help me out...

i'm thinking of AKG Q460 or Sennheiser PX360.

thanks in advance

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I actually own the q460 and I have to say it was one of my worst hp purchases ever! Big bloated bass with everything coming at you all at once, no layering, no dimension, no depth. No real highs to speak of. The balance is really off. They look great though. I haven't heard the 360s but I own the px210bt almost same exact size as q460. Prolly the best portable ever. I think these are the on ear version of the px360. I think they were introduced at the same time and im pretty sure they have the same specs. Possibly the same driver? Mine are Bluetooth and so worth it. They make the 360s in Bluetooth as well. Of all the qualities you want I'm sure wireless isn't one of them but once you experience it you won't settle a wired model. Bluetooth is the next wave. It's already comin. Beats just introduced a new Bluetooth and so did 50 cent. The sound quality is great. Check out a review at Headfonia about the 210s.
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yeah sure.I'm gonna check out that..

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thanks pal...

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I own both and if size is not an issue I would go with the PX360's.Couple things to keep in mind is that PX360's are fairly power hungry so they sound better amped but they are much more comfortable to wear for hours.Also cost on both could be a factor I purcahsed the q460's at 79.99 and the Sennheiser's at 149.99. I would still pay the extra and go with the Senn's.

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thanks pal...Price is not an issue since I'm in india presently and both the priced about the same here....its $170 for both...

size matters but i have beats tour for on-the-go use....i thought AKG was better than Sennheiser all these days...

Could you tell me about the amplifier thing in detail.....is it so necessary??

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The q460 are a rare failure from AKG. They do have some great headphones though.

The portable amplifier will soon go the way of the dodo as with a wireless set the signal has to be amped so it can push the drivers. They will have to be included into the headphone. But for a wired unit you should use a line out to feed your amp the best possible signal. An amp then takes the signal and with more current can push the drivers with more power. Can lead to greater dynamics (brighter highs/lower lows), larger soundstage, better separation, and of course louder. With some amps they sometimes incorporate a bass boost feature. This can obviously help boost the low end on wired units but the 210s have such a good bass you won't miss it.

As I learned more and more from headfi my gear grew and grew and so did what I had to carry just to get the best possible PORTABLE rig. iPhone>line out>DAC>interconnect>amp>headphone. It just became bulky cumbersome and unreliable as my line out always rocked side to side. Nothing serious but always cutting in and out. It sounded great but no controls as iPhone controls don't work through almost every amp out there.

Now I don't even bother with all that stuff. I just hang my 210s around my neck and put my phone in my pocket and I have everything I need. So much easier simpler and free
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The Senn px360 need extra juice for example on 4th Gen Itouch to get good volume levels it has to be turned up 90% which I feel at that point a small amp such as any of the Fiio's-I have the e11 open up the sound on all fronts(bass,mids & treble). I would say though even w/o amp the PX360's still sound superior to the AKG460's. When I am on the go I leave the amp behind and I use either the PX360's or the new Sony MDR-V55.This headphone looks like it is marketed as a DJ headphone but it has a nice clean balanced sound. Keep in mind though it folds up nice and portable but Sony gives you nothing to store it in(no pouch) even though Sony website states it is included with headphone!!!. 

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