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Sorry,  Craig use the word more gain   and I think it should be voltage swing.  

Here is what he said

No pentodes in the SE, it is all triode now.
The Electra went through a circuit change this weekend, it has more gain now, have not checked the peak to peak voltage


Anybody know whether WE367A is the same as the WE350B and can they be use?

I saw one pair in auction.

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More gain would be good but I really can't see how the amp will work properly with 6SN7's.  It will produce sound but there simply isn't enough mu for a three stage design and if you push the tubes you just end up with distortion.  We've gone through all of this years ago and it just can't be done


One cap in the signal path can either be good or very bad.  Only a couple of good designs spring to mind and neither works well with any but the highest mu tubes and both are temperamental at best. 


As for claiming this is close to the T2DIY, surely you jest?  There is a reason the T2 is the best there is, utter overkill at every turn with some very, very clever design twists. 

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I may misquote.  I think Craig admitted that DIY T2 is a better sounding electrostatic amplifier and

he was trying to tweak his Electra to get the performance close to the DIY T2, hope he can get it close


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Any new news?
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electra prototype.jpg

Any news on the upgraded prototype?   I heard that the sound is much better now, 

is it now comparable to the BHSE or T2

Is it one box or two box?

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Soon. Maybe this weekend.

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Craig dropped off the revised Electra (I believe the Electra is down to one 0.1uF coupling cap.) at my place. I have it for a few days. Anyone in SoCal is invited to swing on by a listen, as long as it's before Saturday noon, and provided I either know you or know someone I know who can vouch for you.


Gonna listen for a few hours before impressions.

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On tenterhooks.

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Marv, I know you now longer have the 009 but any chance one of your buddies will stop by to try it out?
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I have the original STAX Omega (1) lying around. Does that count?

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If I was single I think a trip to cali would be in order. Purrin is more than capable of giving a good impression though.
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  1. Totally different amp. Although the few people who had heard the prior iteration at T.H.E SHOW thought it sounded very darn good, I personally did not (I may be exaggerating - but things are relative - see my equipment list to understand why). I knew the Electra was still being tweaked, so I didn't want to say much at that time. I felt the amp at that time was muffled and rolled-off with the 007 and at best veiled with the 009. The changes to the latest iteration provide much more clarity. Clarity on the level of the BA or other EC amps. In addition, the amp sounds faster, with speed typical of the EC amps, to those who are familiar with them. I personally have no problem with the transparency aspect of the Electra as it is now.
  2. Maintains its tonal lushness and warmth. The current iteration has EL34s output tubes, which Andy and Craig preferred over the 6L6s after listening tests. The EL34s also seem to have a rising response in the lowest bass, so I'm sure this will satisfy those who have been concerned with 009 pairing. The Electra does not lack balls for bass. Source also plays a part in this, so don't expect the Electra to compensate for bass light DACs. I don't have the 009s on hand, but I am currently listening with the SR-Omegas, which are slightly more "bass lite" than the 009s. I personally have no issue with bass impact with the SR-Omegas - and I consider myself a slight bass-head. The HE Jades (modified) also sound really nice out of the Electra with no issues of sounding too lean (bass actually hits hard.)
  3. I was worried about the Electra's pairing with the 007 (mk2.5) because as I had just mentioned above, this pairing was simply a disaster at T.H.E SHOW. I'm extremely happy to report that the 007s are just fine and dandy with this latest iteration of the Electra. No more treble roll-off. Very good bass control. No muffle. No veil. I personally would probably roll in some leaner tubes, but I really could get used to this sound (my existing rig can be just a hair too lean for my tastes at times.)
  4. Bad news: price increase to just under $4k? Maybe Craig will offer an early bird special discount at $3.5k similar to the S7? I guess Craig blew his $3K "entry level" stat amp target. But it was probably going to come down to this (or him not releasing anything at all because the end-product would be too compromised.) BTW, this is hardly entry level amp anymore.
  5. Impressions so far are from craptastic Sovtek EL34s. Will roll in better tubes once Andy Hefley gets here on Saturday because I don't want to kill myself adjusting bias on a board which I am not familiar with. Heck, even the transformer isn't even in a box yet but lies sitting on the floor.
  6. If you like the sound of Eddie Current dynamic amps, this one is a no brainer. Get this over anything else short of building your own super stat amp. The push-pull design is a little departure for EC from the SE approach, but the typical EC amp traits (micro-dynamics, balls, speed, "musical involvement") are there. 
  7. Balanced inputs used. I had no issues with gain.
  8. Finally, YMMV. Best to find out yourself since the Electra will be at the LA Meet this August.

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Thanks for your impression on the Electra.

How do you compare that to the BHSE  or DIY T2? , 

I think there is at least one DIY T2 in your area

I think the performance will be much better with the Mullard EL34's or Philips EL34's

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