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Just received new improved version of Dunu DN-18 Hawkeye. Oh boy am I impressed so much with these  :p


Midrange sounds a lot more energetic and the extension at upper frequencies is just the right amount (I eat treble for breakfast). Sounds a lot more airy. Presentation is quite the engaging one.


Will update impressions after some burn-in.


Considering I have listened to a couple of high end earphones, Dunu have hit a home run with this.

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I see a few were asked to take down their reviews. I just never put mine up in the first place. Glad they went back and fixed them up a bit smile.gif!

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Yup, I have my new pair and will be doing a new review over the next week or so. They still have some flaws just like most IEM's in their price range but these are much better. The mids are definitely improved. The treble is still a bit lacking for my tastes but certainly good enough for a lot of people and the bass is better. I also like the cable a bit more, it still tangles easily but doesn't have that weird clingy property anymore. These are now more than just a pretty face.

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If you can get everything on the first post that would be cool. All of you have to do is copy and post what others have put!


Here is my unboxing of both the DN-17 and DN-18. I have the new revised DN-18 as well.


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Received my revised DN-18 yesterday. Don't have the old to compare sound but the cable definitely improved.

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I thought i would stick up my Dunu Unboxing videos here. If you like them please subscribe!:





DN-17 and DN-18:


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DN-17 review here, and i will be reviewing the DN-19 soon too

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Just completed my full review of the DN-19. It's not what everyone's expecting, but I tried to capture the essence of it the best I could.

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New DN-23 review Rocky post in the release news. Solid looks as usual. 

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Very happy with the DUNU Crius I got back in 2011. I've probably used them over 1000 hours at this point and they have lived up to their reputation of durability. I've honestly never had IEMs last this long before. Between using them while working out or rolling around while asleep there are a lot of reasons IEMs often break so easily. The rigorous construction of these is great. DUNU products have thick wires, so you don't get the problems that plagues those IEMs with thin, delicate wires such as volume cutting out in one ear and easily tangling (these never tangle). The titanium housings are legit, I drop them all the time and they are always protected. Metal over plastic always gives a good impression but it's not just for aesthetics. The cable tie is a unique feature that's not at all a gimmick. I can't think of using another IEM without it. The "45 degree" plug is nice too.

Someone said the sound quality degraded over time, that is odd. Mine have the same SQ as they did the day I opened them. Good overall, great for the price, but they definitely get overwhelmed by music with a wide range of sounds going on at once (baroque pop would be a perfect example). Other than that the SQ is good. Mid-centric for sure but it's a pleasant sound signature.

I'm happy to say DUNU has succeeded in the area every other IEM has failed me: long term durability. If anyone's unsure about DUNU quality, I personally wouldn't hesitate to buy them again.
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