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Dorm Speakers for $100-150

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So, I'm graduating high school in a week, and I am thinking about sound for my dorm already, before I become totally helpless monetarily. I want to pick up a decent pair of bookshelf speakers and an amp for them. I listen to a lot of metal, as well as some electro. Also, these will be about 50% music, 40% gaming and 10% movies. Overall, my biggest concerns are overall sound quality and on a lesser note, bass. I wouldn't call myself a basshead, but I have found most bookshelf speakers to be lacking. My initial idea is to get a pair of Sony SS-B3000s and a Lepai LP-2020A+, but I am worried that the Lepai won't have enough power. Otherwise, I am looking at the M-Audio AV40 and other possible powered 2.0 solutions. Any and all help is appreciated.

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just don't be the ****** bag that drives his roommate and everyone next to and above him and below him absolutely insane with bassnectar.. thats really all the advice I can give.

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Ahahahaha. No, I don't want to be "that guy," I just want to be able to enjoy that type of music more similarly to the way it was meant to be.

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Good, my old roommate was that guy. I don't like that guy. Carry on.


Also, look into


thems the speakers I want

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I'd look for second hand stuff at that price. Might be able to get some krk rockits

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Congrats on graduating. I just went through a similar search for my dorm room. From what I gathered the lepai will give you enough power for near field listening. Also if you're getting the Lepai and are worried about power make sure you get a power supply that give 5 amps of power. Most of the power supplies that come with the Lepai will give less. This prevents the amp from giving enough power to the speakers. Those are good ones from what I've read. The little brothers to the 41s.Also there's the Polk monitor30s which are more bright than Pioneers for 100 on newegg. Did you want to get a sub too? AVS forums have great members that can help you find what you need too

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The aformentioned Pioneers are a good choice.  If I were to go with that route I'd probably pair either of those with something like a Pioneer A-35R so as to form the basis of something I can expand upon easily over the course of the next 4 years (3 if you're on an aggressive pre-med or pre-law track).


However, my official suggestion would be either an Audioengine A2 ($200) or an Audioengine A5 ($300) depending on how much you wanna spend.  And of course, you could always plan to add their D1 DAC as a treat later - for when you make Dean's list or whatever.  Haven't heard the A2 but it seems to get good marks and kind words all around.  Buddy of mine has the A5 and I am quite taken with them.  Were I not so into cans and portable listening (and were my ancient Yamaha 2.1 computer speakers to die), I'd go for those in an instant as a desktop replacement.  If you go with that route just beware of the combination of exposed cones and careless roommates.


It's all kind of hard to say without knowing what your planned budget is for this though...

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My suggestion? Wait for a month in or so and decide if you really want them then (you may never use them). You have the money set aside already, it ain't going nowhere. 

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Originally Posted by Posam View Post

My suggestion? Wait for a month in or so and decide if you really want them then (you may never use them). You have the money set aside already, it ain't going nowhere. 


Agree. They might end up being put back in the box, because your room-mate didn't want to listen to your music. And vice versa. Trust me, its happened with me before. I still have my altec lansing mx5021 (probably the best altec lansing desktop speakers made) in the box frown.gif. Save the money, get some nice (closed) headphones later, you can get better sound than speakers for this price.smily_headphones1.gif

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