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For Sale: STAX SR-507 good condition used

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For Sale:
STAX SR-507 good condition used

Will Ship To: USA

Hello, guys.


I would like to sell my stax SR-507 headphone.

I bought this from here about half year ago.

The headphone is really good condition and there is no scratches.

The ear pad and head band are also perfect and this also includes SR-507 genuine package box.


I can only ship in USA and $650 doesn't include shipping cost.

Send me message or leave a reply.


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I am looking for STAX SR507 in great condition to buy


Question i have - is a SRM252s Energizer ok to  run Stax SR507 headphone  (as im intend to use  portable Astell & Kern AK100

with a extreamly short breakout RCA lead as my source)  (Unbalanced )




New Zealand

my email:  virgo.greg@gmail.com

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