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I'm just a casual gamer but Darksouls still catches my eyes simply because of that wide range of armors and weapons . It's really detailed, cool , badass , power unique , like no other games , at least on PC , the best thing is the way camera works really helps admire your hard earned trophies

I come to game just for entertainment , so I play this one with some cheat on but even then the game is still extremely enjoyable without feeling like an almighty god casually walks the earth . Really recommend to anyone that was shied away because of the unforgiving difficulty , just use some cheat/save editor selectively , seriously , what's the big deal , it's just a game , neither a job nor a competition to feel ashamed of, especially when the difficulty is simply wasting time until you remember everything . Never cheating in any game doesn't reward you with "The Best Human Ever" achievement either in real life or online world , so whatever floats your boat , dont miss this gem and also the next one .

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IMO, cheaters are the most fun on PVP once you are done playing and learning about the game's mechanics. I don't really care much if people cheat to beat the game but cheating on PVP is a no-no in the forms of glitch one-hit kills. Otherwise cheat all you want, it will be fun to try and kill you or just dodge every attack you try against me, I quite literally amused myself to about 40 mins of this until the host or invader quit the game lol. It is harder against invaders that cheat and know how to play the game but that is quite few of em.


My only question is the logic in using full stone armor with negative health applied and still use greatshield up and back up when attacked. I ended up just poking this one host with a spear for fun at this ridiculousness.

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May be because those armors dillude them into feeling too tough to make a move without thinking they might end up getting poked to death : )) srly , the designers in this game really know how to make armors and weapons look so badass , and powerful

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I have to say that probably the best thing about Dark Souls 2 right now is the crazy amount of people playing. The PvP is insane - I fight like 20 guys per hour, which never happened before. And the Bell Keeper Covenant is ridiculous if I don't take off my ring I get summoned like every 2 minutes.

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^by the time I play it, there will probably be a lot less ppl playing :(.. I still want to beat DS 1 first, and I'm at the moonlight butterfly still

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Originally Posted by SammyJr View Post

^by the time I play it, there will probably be a lot less ppl playing :(.. I still want to beat DS 1 first, and I'm at the moonlight butterfly still

Nah, don't worry - the majority of the pvp is only covenant based as most people still haven't finished the game and you'll rarely be invaded or participate in any pvp with actually good players. There will be quite some time till people complete the game, get to know DS2's gear as well as DS' and proper pvp begins. I'm also calling it from now - with the ability to manually aim your spells (hexes) now instead of relying on lock on at close distance, there will be a lot of INT build griefers killing you from distance with souls spears and such.

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I see a lot of people trying to use the great thunderbolts in pvp.  When they hit, they do a lot of damage-- around 1000hp.  So far the seem easy enough to roll through though.  


I still don't see magic being a good enough viable option for dark souls 2 pvp.  The most dangerous type of magic build for any souls game has been the hyper-mode firespray mage in demon's souls, and nothing in the latter two souls games has lived up to that amount of potential just yet.  

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The issue with manual aim of spells is that you can get hit from a distance without expecting it and it's pretty much a one-shot kill. I already was killed a couple of times like that by invaders in certain areas while I was fighting enemies. Also on DS2 you have a delay when rolling and side rolling is also harder, add to that that some hexes and miracles have wider area of effect and it gets harder to dodge than in DS1. Also scaling sucks in DS2 and most people find it more viable to get into a INT or FTH build a lot earlier then before even if their main idea was to make STR or DEX build. I'm seeing that more and more - you'll rarely find a purely melee build. With the option to relocate points I have to admit that I'm also kinda considering it as right now most of my points are in DEX and STR, so I can dual wield the weapons I want.

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I take back what I said about Dark Souls 3 being easier than the first!

The levels are easier overall but some of the bosses are HARDER.

The regular enemies in Dark Souls 3 are sometimes harder to kill too and often require more than standing behind a shield.


I had no major problems with any bosses until I got to Dancer of Boreal Valley.

I'm level 70 now with a Hard Longsword +7 and have died about 20 times now.

It seems I do best when I roll around non-stop like an idiot and focus on hitting her in the butt!

Sometimes I think I'm not fighting her but the camera. I should try to not lock on.


I also actually do OK when I use a great shield, but on the 2nd phase I can never do much damage.

I think I should roll away from her more and less to the sides.


My Vigor is  25 so I will level that up some and try to equip stronger armor without doing the FAT ROLL.


Even Pontiff Sulyvahn I killed on the first few tries and I did not look up a strategy first.

Aldrich gave me MAJOR problems until I spent a good half hour reading strategies.

Once I did that I did pretty well.


Here's a video I posted of the Aldrich kill after dying 6 times to it:



I made a few stupid mistakes and the camera messed me up a few times.

LOL I should probably use an Ember being fighting the Dancer. It might help :biggrin:

I think this is the first time in years I have actually thrown my controller!

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