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how good does the "little dot mk3" perform?

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I would like to purchase the little dot, because it's a tube amp....but would like to know how it performs, and if I can purchase it somewhere, other than Ebay....thanks a bunch!
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Well you can buy it directly from www.littledot.net (David is a great guy to do business with)

With what headphones you are going to use the amp?

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The sennheiser hd650's....which by the way are awesome headphones...smily_headphones1.gif
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I don't know if I want to order directly....seems alittle weird on how to pace an order.... :-\
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Well i had that combination for a while before i purchased the Lcd-2. And i would say that it is a great match. For it's price point IMO it's hard to find a better amp.

Not that hard. Just email David, pay with paypal. And thats it. Wait that courier brings the amp to your home door :D

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I ordered directly from little dot without issue, unless you take issue with them doing the quality check before shipping. Great entry level tube amp, though I have a little buyer's remorse now that I'm using it with my newly acquired Hifiman 500. Not quite the electric juice, though it could be the break in period. Not quite sure.

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The only problem I have is, there's no phone number! I mean, how do they know where to send them! And also, how do they bill me? They said they use pay pal....but, how would they know how to bill me and all....makes no sense...I rather go through Ebay, from the same guy from the website you mentioned....
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Is David still in business?  The website seemed a bit dead last time I visited.

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I bought both a Mk IV and a Mk V several years ago.  The Mk IV arrived with tubes installed and broken; however David quickly shipped replacement tubes.  I could not really understand why they would ship the tubes installed, given that a slight jostling would cause the tubes to impact the metal housing.

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Perhaps if he wrapped the tubes in some soft material before inserting into the amp...?

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That would be a good idea....when I order it, I don't want broken tubes....that's all I know...and yes he still is in business...on Ebay...
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Well, David seems to be very convinced about shipping the tubes installed.  He told me that doing so resulted in less breakage.  As an engineer myself...that does not seem very logical.  If I were to order again, I would insist that he wrap the tubes in cotton, cloth, newspaper, or something soft before inserting into the amp.  His is obviously a very small operation and he could, and I am sure would, do that.  He is very resposonsive, by the way...just a bit defensive in my experience.

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Forgive the cultural generalization here, but a characteristic of the Chinese/Asian psyche seems to be the "saving face" thing...not to be "wrong."  And the flip side of that is a cultural taboo against forcing people into a corner to cause them to have to admit to being "wrong."

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Thus, I would suggest a gentle request when placing the order.

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that's a good idea...will do! And believe me, I've got my blue dragon v3 headphone cable, with my sennheiser hd650's, and my setup sounds awesome! Can't wait to get the little dot mk3:D
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