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For Sale: Like new CK2III for sale

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For Sale:
Like new CK2III for sale

Will Ship To: Anywhere

This is a like new CK2III amp made by Corey at SWA.  I paid SOLD I'm asking SOLD + all fees including shipping and paypal.  I'm now listing to my B22 and don't have the time for this great sounding and great looking amp.  SWA does great work.  He is a real professional. 


Condition is 10/10 no marks, scratches or blemishes no where to be found.

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just to clarify a few things for the seller:


- the pic shows an Alps Blue Velvet.  this was replaced with a more expensive TKD 2CP-2511 before shipping to the seller.  

- this CK2III has the stock power supply replaced with a O22 that is also recommended for the B22.  

- the quiescent current bias is doubled from stock to 55-60mA with off-board, over-sized heat sinks for 2x the power delivery in Class A.

- one set of RCA preamp out and one set of RCA loop-out.

- ground-loop breaker.

- gain is 4.1x.

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