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Hippo Pearl Review

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When I was told that the Apple Earbud was one of the worse earphones in the world, I just couldn't
believe it. Why? Well, it's basicly because Apple is one of the most renowed Tecnological Corparation
in the world. As we can see, the quality of their finished products are always beyond satisfaction.
What could go wrong? After using the earbud for about two years or so, I found the answer. Most of
the plastic protective layer around the cables had already worn off. The iconic white colour had 
already turned yellow. For the sound quality, it's already deteriorating. There's all this fuzzy 
noise effects while playing some of my favourite songs that I use to enjoy on this particular earbud.
And so I told myself it's time to search for a new one.
For I live in Penang, I found myself lucky for there's a Jaben Network outlet nearby my place which
is located at Straits Quay. I was told they're specialised in Headphones and Earphones. And so I
decided to drop by at the store. Basicly for a guy like me, I shop with a budget. My personal budget 
for my next earbud would be around Rm 150.00 and bellow. For a bass lover, I was first recomended 
with the Hippo Pearl. From what I've know, Hippo is Korean brand of origin. 
My first Impression on this particular earphones are, what I could say, unattractive. But hey, what's
important is the quality of the sound produce by it. After handing it to me, I found that the build 
quality is rather impressive. The weight of it is lighter than the Apple Earbud, and the cable's
colour is black, which means that it won't turn yellowish even if ages pass. The cable coating is 
firm, whereby we could say that it won't ware off. When I put it on, it's just comfortable. It
fits perfectly. It's like, you could imagine yourself wearing this all day long! Overall, the build
quality is just perfect.
While playing "Wild Ones" by Flo Rida using my iPhone, you could just feel the bass moving you. I 
find that the bass produce by the Hippo Pearl is just good. It's deep, fast, and solid. When
compared with the Apple Earbud, the bass from the Hippo would beat it flat! The sounding is very 
balanced and the mids are average. However, the soundstage from the Hippo Pearl is surprisingly 
above average level. I also tried out other songs and I seems to me that this awesome earphones just
follows the flow. You can practicaly listen to any type of songs with it! Not to forget, this set is
just way above my Apple Earbud in terms of overall quality.
I finally decided to take it off after a wild ride with it. This set is just too good. I was more 
surprised when I found out that it's just gonna cost me a total of Rm 120.00! Seriously, this is an 
awesome deal I'm having at the palm of my hands.
After the purchase, I was advised to burn it in in order to improve the sound quality. And guess 
what? It's a very, VERY, satisfying deal.
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First review? Good job, keep up the good work! ksc75smile.gif

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wew i guess we're both malaysian.btw have you tried atrios m5/m8 with mg7 driver?

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I live in Penang too,planning to take the package of Hippo Biscuit+Hippo Pearl.

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