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Is the ODAC's line-out fit for hooking to a receiver?

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Anaxilus ..


I am beginning to think you have no sense of humor at all and are taking this all too serious....this USB horse has been beat to death but I guess it will get beaten some

more so we can indeed make sure its dead...


Anyone see any specials on USB space heaters...heard its going to be a long winter...





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Sitting here listening to a new set of cans and Eva Cassidy with the O2 and integrated ODAC with a 20 Ft cable no ferrite beads...one word:







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Anaxilus is correct the usb cable carries bits, ones and zeros...but what he neglects to tell you is that there may be more than that being induced or carried over those tiny little 24 ga copper wires......


Do you know what a lo-pass filter is?





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Originally Posted by adydula View Post

Anaxilus ..


I am beginning to think you have no sense of humor at all


I'll just hang out waiting for the punchline.  wink_face.gif

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Originally Posted by adydula View Post


Anaxilus is correct the usb cable carries bits, ones and zeros...


Okay, I really am missing the joke since you are now misquoting me.  I think you have us mixed up or something, nvm.



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I stand corrected I did misquote you ...


You did say that usb cables do not carry ones and zeros only electrons...my bad.


These electrons you refer to form or are in the form of digital pulses that are referred to as ones and zeros...that flow into the dac to go along on their merry way to their conversion....


Your a pretty literal person.


Thats fine....glad we can still communicate....after all we both like audio...


All the best



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There sure is a whole lot of spanking going on in this thread!   LOL  biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by sling5s View Post

This just can't be my imagination but the USB cable that comes with the O2+ODAC has a ferrite and I believe the ferrite filters the high frequencies. 

When I changed the USB (ferrite-less) cable, the high frequency came back.  At least to my ears.  

The treble is much better, not recessed as before and the bass has more snap, punch, do to the restoration of the treble balance.


Is it just me? 

It's exactly the same to my ears.

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Yup it Friday for sure!!


Its the same for me as well.....the reasons for a ferrite cable...is to act as a low pass filter....reject any induced, stray or HF RF etc....and any nasty crap that might come from the PC itself.

In the case of USB its mainly for the latter...


The USB cable I have torn apart, even the el cheopo's fro monoprice had excellent foil shielding and additional weaved braid....


There really should be any differnce at all.



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Originally Posted by Timmyw View Post

It's exactly the same to my ears.

I like more ferrite cable with odac (ephifany) in my setup.

World is various :-))

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Originally Posted by sulla138 View Post

USB cables only carry zeros and ones no high frequencies for the ferrite to filter out. The high frequencies are on the other side of the odac. So I guess the difference you heard must be for some other reason.


This has already passed, but just so we're clear...


Where's the power to run the electronics in the ODAC come from?  A ferrite would be to filter some of the high-frequency noise (meaning like RF, not high audio frequencies) riding on top of the +5V going to the device.  The +5V gets filtered and converted to +3.3V (maybe something else too?) in the device.  There are ferrites on the board already, but a larger one in the cable is not going to be a bad thing.


So there is something to filter.  Now, whether cleaning up the power supply slightly more would make the kind of differences people are reporting... that seems like a big stretch.

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Sorry to interrupt the USB discussion, but has anyone managed to get the ODAC working with WinXP and ASIO or Kernel Streaming in Foobar?  I've followed all the guides (ASIO foobar plugin, ASIO4ALL settings to map left and right of USB ODAC etc.) but am having no luck.


1) With kernel streaming, I have to set the buffer length to something like 200ms or less in order to get playback.  Unfortunately, I cannot use the seekbar in Foobar to skip to a certain part of a track.  If I try to, it just stops at the time I've jumped to with no sound.  Anyone know how to fix this?


2) With ASIO, I have the ODAC all setup and mapped the left and right and in offline settings set the odac to active, 4 buffers, etc., but when I try to play a track it just stays at 0:00, no error message in Foobar or anything.  Played with the buffer length but this didn't help at all.  When I check the Offline settings I'm told the device is not available even though I have it set to active.  Help?

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The only reason the ferrite cable is there in this case is really to help filter out and crap that might be coming from inside the PC for all the stuff going on in a pc...whether it is induced into the USB Vcc lines or in any other way...if this crap gets into the usb power or even signal lines the ferrite will help stop it from getting to the dac....and yup the ODAC has this internally as well....


What is interesting to me back in school in electronics class was to learn that this is done by turning the unwanted RF into heat in the ferrite material.....at the levels we are dealing here you would never notice this....but in other apps they can get warm and even hot!


All the best


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I dont use Foobar or XP anymore....its not that it cant be done its too much of a pain...


If you can afford it get over to win7, things here are better for audio...


I am sure there are other sites and maybe if you search this site or maybe Foobar's you will find your answer.


After mucking with several players including Foobar, Music Bee , JRiver ....and some others...


I settled in on JRiver and to get things to work and be bitperfect is rather painless with Win 7.


Good Luck!


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