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Sennheiser Hd 439 vs Shure Srh750dj

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This is my second post here (complete n00b), and since the first one didn't get any responses in the topic that i wrote it in, i decided to create a new thread; i would really appreciate you helping me decide which headphone to get happy_face1.gif.


Right now i own a panasonic rp-htx7,

  265x265px-LS-43259bd5_B001BEAI4W-31KhyDdNNfL.jpg which i got as a gift and they do ok for me but i really want to step up a notch and enhance my music experience (as far as i have gotten is by starting to listen to lossless).




 I listen mostly to electronica stuff like Tipper, Aphex Twin, Kraftwerk. > http://soundcloud.com/tippermusic

Rock and "math-rock" like 90 Day Men, Battles, Interpol, Yeah Yeah Yeahs. > http://soundcloud.com/southern/90-day-men-too-late-or-too

And some Post-hardcore, grind, etc. and every now and then some jazz and classical.


My two options as you can see are the 439s ($115) and the 750djs ($100). I am ordering online and i am not from the u.s. so my options are limited since other headphones go way beyond my budget since they are imported. I have also seen the m50s at $150.

I lean toward the shure's, my only concern is the comfort. My brother's got beat solo and i can only wear them for an hour before i get tired (plus i do not enjoy the sound they produce).

The 439 definitely look better and seem to be more comfy, i worry about the bass though (specially with Tipper).


How much of a difference will these make from the panasonic's?

Are they hard to drive? I'd prefer not to get an amp right away, so that's important too.



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^ Bump

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I think the hd 439 would suit you better,from what I've heard,the shures have a lot of clamping force.
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Thanks. I already got the 750's though! I love them :D. They were a little uncomfortable at first, but now that they have been broken in, i can wear them for up to 6-8 hours straight without any discomfort; but what is most important they sound terrific and Tipper sounds awesome with them :P.

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