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For Sale:
Aurisonics ASG-1.2 [worldwide shipping]

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Up for sale are these minty, "like-new" phones:


  • Aurisonics ASG-1 rev. 1.2: $OLD. Just got them back from Dale two weeks ago. Sweet mid with thumbing bass. Much better than the original.


As you can see in the FR curve, after Dale's modification these phones are more audiophile-friendly. And yes, Dale did more than just adding filters (rev. 1.1 vs. rev. 1.2).


Comes with all original accessories: Otterbox, tips, and stock SPC (silver-plated copper) cable.


Prices include CONUS shipping. Accepts PayPal personal or buyer adds 4% (Amazon payment is free BTW).


International buyers: please add $10 for additional shipping fee. I will help you with the shipping and logistics when ASG-2 upgrade becomes available.


Thanks for looking!




Glowing Reviews


Review threads:


The most striking thing to me was the difference in POWER  that the ASG-1.2 has over the GR07 . . . . makes my GR07 sound positively anemic in comparison.

The best part component of the ASG-1's sound, and the nail in the GR07's coffin, is the midrange . . . . I had maybe my third "wow" hi-fi moment when listening to John Mayer's "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room," and Taylor Swift's "Never Grow Up," and also her "Last Kiss" (I make no apologies for my music tastes, they are very diverse). Going back to my GR07 was just...underwhelming.



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