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Bought a Fiio E3 was this a mistake?

Poll Results: Should I use the Fiio E3 or Listen to the headphones directly from my iPad?

  • 40% (2)
    Use the headphones with the iPad and the Fiio E3
  • 60% (3)
    Use Just the iPad
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Hey guys, I'm pretty new to the whole "good headphone" thing. I recently bought a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50. I figured I would also buy a small headphone amp for them so my iPad and it together would better drive the headphones. I was wondering if I'm going even see benefit from the Fiio E3? I'm 16 years old, and I spent every penny I had on the headphones and the mini amp. Should I bother even using the amp? Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Gabe smily_headphones1.gif
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return the amp if possible, then use the money to buy like 30 tacos... man im hungry biggrin.gif

whoops didnt know that amp is only $8. I guess you can try it out for awhile to see if you can tell the difference but I really doubt you will

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Bought off ebay, already shipped. Would you say this will worsen the sound quality in any way?
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 You might get some interference(dont know if I should call it that)  if you dont use a LOD like this one http://www.amazon.com/FiiO-L3-Line-Cable-iPhone/dp/B003UCESP8/ref=sr_1_7?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1337983662&sr=1-7


What that does is bypass the ipads internal amp and uses the one in whatever amp you want to use. But I dont think I would even buy one if I was you since I think the ipads amp will outperform that Fiio anyway.

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Well the Fiio does put out 70 mw of extra power which isn't super powerful, but seems like more than the iPad would put out. What do you think?
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It won't have a major impact on quality, but it will help you drive the ATH's louder with less distortion, thats about the only noticeable effect you'll see.


Your a smart kid getting the ATH-M50's at your age, at 16 by biggest buy was a half decent gaming headset, Now at 21 I can afford the good stuff, Hifiman HE-400's paired with an E17 , woot :) 


But for a while I used the Fiio E1 with my iTouch and Sennheiser HD595's, and tbh I enjoyed the sound more than from the iPod jack. The E3 is a better amp than the E1 by a fair margin too, but noticing a difference will come down to music selection and a bit of testing, going back and forth on the same track etc.


On another note though, using an E3 with an iPad is gonna be annoying, a whopper dangly device hanging off a cable from your line out.


Keep on reading, and save up for more expensive shhtuff, or Alternatively ban this website from your browsers and delete your account, because if you wanna have any money at all try get rid of the upgrade itch before its too late :) :) :)

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Well thank you for the help. I'm very new to headphones, and it might seem weird that I'm spending my hard earned money on headphones instead of video games, but that's because I was born loving music and hearing it at a high quality. If you heard my home stereo setup you would love it (that is if you like the vintage klipsch sound) by the way my name is Gabe Springhetti (it wouldn't fit my full name as a username haha)
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if you are hardcore basshead, i think no problem with E3

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