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SF Bay Area Summer Meet?

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Since I missed the February SFBA meet I'm curious if anyone would care to have a meet or a "mini" meet this Summer.


Perhaps August would be good since that would place it 6 months after the February meet.


Do you guys think you'll be too busy at the height of the vacation season for a meet?



post #2 of 7    Bay Area Audiophile Society.   California Audio Show.

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Whoa... thanks for the links. I never would've known.



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California Audio Show is this weekend, in Burlingame.

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I think we should have a SFBA meet. Never been to a meet and I can't travel since I have school. So anyone else interested?

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I'd be totally up for a meet.

However, I'm tied up the next two weekends.

Also, I'm not carrying anything fancy--just AT-M50s and the AT-ANC-23.


I can bring the guitar that I built though.

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I posted an IC on this forum. Here it is.

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