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Thought it might be fun to just have a big Blizzard general thread. I personally can't say I've played a bad game by Blizzard. Been a long time fan across all their franchises.


I played WoW from beta until earlier Cataclysm. Took a break for the WOTLK period, but other than that WoW was my life for awhile. Long time Starcraft fan (still watch the Korean streams quite often and play SC2 occasionally). The big one now is of course Diablo 3 right now which I'm loving.


So share your love, hate, or indifference about Blizzard here.


I'd also like to start exchanging BattleTags and what not if anyone wants to play with other Head-fiers.


I'm up for some Hell difficulty Diablo on Monk or some Nightmare on my DH if anyone is willing.