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I also can't seem to edit my signature. I'd like to be able to!

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My "show off stuff in your signature" drop downs only have the "Your classifieds" option.  Do I need to do something to get the Sources, Amps, Headphones options to show up?



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You don't seem to have any photo galleries or lists created, from what I can see.  This is why those options aren't available in the drop-downs.  You'll have to create lists or upload images, and you'll be able to add them to your signature. 

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Thanks!  :beerchug:

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One other thing, I made the text size 8 and it looks right in the preview but it saves as full size.

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@omigawsh_lollercoaster - That's an odd issue.  I've ticketed it, and the tech team is investigating.

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@omigawsh_lollercoaster - I've changed it to 9pt for the time being.  There appears to be an issue with some of the size settings, but there's a ticket filed to remedy the issue.

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Thanks again.  :beerchug:

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Hey, I'd like to edit my signature as well and I'm unable to.

Is there a minimum post requirement, or something like that?



Edit: Can't change my avatar either.

Edited by Miraculous - 2/16/14 at 10:21pm
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As stated at the top of the Feedback and Bug Reports forum:


 Can't edit your profile, signature or avatar or create galleries or lists? Due to problems with spam bots, new users will need to have made 10 posts, or be a member for 15 days and made 5 posts before they can edit their profile or signature or create lists or galleries.
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hi... it also says i don't have permission to edit signature. Can you please help?

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I can't edit mine either or post photos

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@marcus88 and @jdotfite - You both should be able to edit your profiles and upload images.

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Hi Joe, 


I would like to add a signature to my profile as well, but, the option is not available. :)




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