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Looking for a mixer of my setup

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First of all, I hope I got the right board for the thread :P


At the moment I've got a setup with 5 sources and 3 outs (good speakers, crappy monitor speakers and headphones) and I was wondering if there was a way to change what source goes where without having to move the cables each time since it's annoying. I've tried a setup that somehow works, but it's not ideal (using some 4-in 1-out cheap mixer into the line-in of one of the PCs).


What I want to do is get a mixer of some sort where all sources go and it tells each one where to go out too (and the volume of it). But I know NOTHING of mixers, and google results confused me even more.

So since when I was looking for a pair of headphones this forum helped me a lot (loving my Audio-technica AD700 btw) I was hoping there'd be someone able to at least give me a hint of where to look even this time.


Thanks in advance!

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I don't know a whole lot about mixers either outside of the Rane TTM I have, but my dad has a Mackie, similar to this:


It's served him and his setup pretty well over the years.

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