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For Sale: Mullard UK CV4004 (ECC83/12AX7) matched pair

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For Sale:
Mullard UK CV4004 (ECC83/12AX7) matched pair

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Beautiful matched pair of *BRIMAR* (not Mullard) CV4004 military version ECC83/12AX7 tubes. Made in Rockester, UK and the Thorn/Brimar mactory.Tested strong (118 of 120 on both triodes on both tubes) on my B&K tester. Guaranteed not DOA. These go for 1.5-2x this price on eBay. Get them here cheaper!


EDIT: these were in Mullard boxes, but the tubes are actually Brimar. I wanted to edit the title of the listing, but I cannot.

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Rob, going by the plate design I believe those are Brimar made, which actually demand more $ than the Mullard "box plate" CV4004. 


Nice tubes! Upscale audio used to sell the Brimar & Mullard CV4004 NOS, but ran out of the Brimar years before the Mullard (even after raising prices on the former). Now the Mullard are creeping up in price, too. Quick story: Partsconnexion once had a "bargain" sale on the Brimar CV4004 and I made the mistake of buying a few; they all came in so horribly mismatched between each other -- and even within triodes in the same tube -- as to be unusable (i.e. > 40% mismatches). In my opinion, a trusted head-fi member like Skylab is a more trustworthy source of nice matched tubes, than all but the top few tube dealers.

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Right you are. The "AD" after the "KB" does indicate Brimar plant in Rochester UK. They were in Mullard boxes I had put them in and I forgot to check the codes. I apologize for any confusion!
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Big price drop to $120/pair.
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