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For Sale: FS: TF10 and HJE900 Bundle

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
FS: TF10 and HJE900 Bundle

Will Ship To: CONUS

I don't use either very much after I got the ASG-1, so I figure someone else will have better use for the both of them.


Condition, Package and Accessories

TF10: comes with the iconic UE metal case, and a plethora of tips. No original packaging. Condition is very good; cable is in excellent condition.

HJE900: comes with the original cable, packaging, random eartips* and the Sleek cable I bought for them. The original cable is frayed, but earphones themselves aren't damaged at all; they're perfect. And they have the original filters!

* I'll throw in some tips upon request for the HJE900


Price and Shipping

I'm at a firm $OLD. If you wish to split the two up, I'm sure we'll be able to work something out. There's no shipping charge.


EDIT: In light of some recent events regarding sellers/traders on Head-Fi, I won't sell these to anyone who has below 5 positive feedback. I would rather not get scammed...

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For Sale or Trade: $400 (USD)
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PM sent

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cool bundle, can i see a pic of the panns with the sleek cable?

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Originally Posted by daveyostrow View Post

cool bundle, can i see a pic of the panns with the sleek cable?


Once I get them uploaded, which should be sometime in the next hour.

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PM'd for the HJE..and I have more than 5 feedback! Yay!

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I am coming back to this forum such a long time but does not have any feedbacks. However, I have some at audiocircle (is that count too?). I am only interested the TF10 if it is still available. LMK.
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Updated with pics!

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