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For Sale or Trade: Minimax and problematic EHHA rev a

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For Sale or Trade:
Minimax and problematic EHHA rev a

Will Ship To: CONUS

Since I no longer have the room for all this on my desk, I'm downsizing to a smaller Amp/dac combo.


I will upload pictures once I get home from work.


First up a ~2 year old minimix built from the Beezar kit, never had any problems with it. There is a small chip on on the metalwork, but thats about it. I'd be happy with SOLD obo shipped for it.


Next item is a mostly finished EHHA rev a kit from glass jar. Instead of a volume pot it has a 3 knob stepped attunator from glassware audio. I will say this first, the amp powers up, but there is a hum that I can't seem to get rid of. at this point I don't have time to finish it. I will take any measurements, any pictures you want for this. This is sold completely as is. I'm expecting to take a decent loss here but if someone has a time to mess with the grounding scheme that is likely the issue. Make me an offer, I'll consider anything half reasonable. If you can sort out the hum, you'll have a great amp for a cheap price.


I will also have a couple DACs for sale: http://www.head-fi.org/t/611474/frankenzero-and-dual-mono-opus-musiland-01usd


I'd be willing to trade for random tech items such as tablets, computer parts, etc.


Paypal preferred


Honestly on all my stuff make me an offer, worst I'll say is no.


Edit: Pictures added

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Minimax has sold

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EHHA has sold. Thanks Everyone! DACs are still available.

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