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The K812 is stupid expensive for a pair of headphones, in my opinion. While I am quite sure they are very revealing, but I am not sure how well do they hold up to studio work. I am old school (room acoustics, source material, outboards and processing, clean signal path, transparent and clear ADDA converters, good monitor speakers) but I have seen some guys do really good work simply locking themselves in their room with loads of plug-ins on their computer and headphones (through a mid level ADDA converter) and are touring stadiums. (Sorry cannot reveal the person).

I think as the ear gets used to the sound and keep going back forth doing A-B comparisons and referencing other work, and having other sources to check for finished quality, it is possible to use cans as main monitors but it is something I find it hard to wrap my head around.

It would be very unlikely I will spend more than a thousand bucks buying a pair of cans (funny how I sold my car once to buy monitor speakers) so this is a matter of an individual's choice.

There is no right and wrong way to do something creative. At the end of the day, the judgement is on the finished product. The process is something pro audio magazine journalists care about. That has got to do with the amount of "glamor" involved with the amount of high end gear in the studio. Though on the other hand, for commercial studios, it would be hard to convince a client that "my cans get the job done".