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I actually wanted to buy it right there if they had it, as this seems to share a lot of qualities with the Grado SR225i, my main phone.


- Both look ugly and flimsy because of the plastic, but are actually solid -- you pay for the driver and not aesthetics

- Both are super lightweight (I don't really care for most of the TOTL phones because they weigh too much -- 9oz is about the highest I'll tolerate. Bought the SR225i over the SR325is for this reason)

- Both have a boosted midrange

- They share about the same price point (SR225i sells for about $250 here)


So basically I'm just hoping that this is as good as the hype. Obviously this isn't going to be as good as a K1000 (which had the most wonderful soundstage when I heard it at the Toronto meet), but if this can get even 50% of the soundstage of the K1000, it'll be a midrange budget killer.


By the way, it seems that the MA500 (8.7oz) actually weighs more than the MA900 (6.9oz) despite the MA500 only having a 40mm driver... interesting. I'm thinking the MA900 is a completely different beast, both in terms of sound and comfort, than the MA500.

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I really enjoy the MA900 and I am sad that I have to send it back.  I will post my video impressions end of this week.  I will have to call my local Sony store to see if they have it in stock.  Maybe I'll get the MA500 too if they have it.  Stay tuned for the video impressions.

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am i right assuming that there is na way powering this headphone with a tupe headamp because of the low impedance? minimum compatible value i can find is 32 ohm. would be a nice experiment combining this airy concept with the smoothness of a good tube and a very neutral high end 5.1 prir measurement for my realiser.

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