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New Pair of Cans: Any Reccomendations?

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Price: I'm going to be pretty vague about this one. I certainly don't believe you need to pay a fortune to get something really good. I'm not looking for the best; I want something that is a great value. But I'm willing to pay for headphones that will last a lifetime.

Design: Full-size. Should cover my ears. I have a medium head and medium ears. I'll use my IEMs if I need portability. Comfort is super important. I wear my headphones for hours on end. At the same time, I'll be using these in public places, so they should isolate well and not disturb others. They can be big and goofy. :) I hate when my ears get sweaty, so I'm a loss on the open back vs closed back. I guess I value my comfort over sound leakage. A breakout cable would be AWESOME. Durability. Durability. Durability. Durability. Durability. Durability. Durability. Durability. You get the point.

Repair/warranty: Want a company that will stand by their products (Koss comes to mind) or offer reasonable repair costs (Grado comes to mind). I don't give a damn about the brand name. If it sounds good and is durable, I'm down with it.

What I listen to: Well, everything. But I listen to more rock. I prefer warm and mellow headphones. Bass is great, but it shouldn't be overpowering.

Will listen on: Everything. Mainly my Android phone and my computer. So, it MUST be able to be driven properly without an external DAC/AMP. My music is all FLAC (ripped from a CD with EAC). TBH, I can't tell the difference on my phone because of its ****ty DAC, but there is a huge difference between compressed MP3 and FLAC to my ears on my computer.

I think that about covers it.

Thanks in advance. normal_smile%20.gif

EDIT: :slap: I just saw the sticky about recommendations. :lol:

And the title has a spelling error.

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Based on what you said you want and what you listen to, try:


Beyer dt770


They are closed, isolate very well, are incredibly comfortable and have some of the best build quality in the business. 



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Assuming that you will be using them without an amp: Sony MDR-V900HD Studio Monitor Type Headphones HD Driver, Sony MDR ZX700, Sony MDR 7506, 7510 or 7520.

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Side note: I've had the Koss MV1 for a couple months now (got them for free). They actually sound pretty good, but they sound like crap unless they are driven.

Do you think something like a Fiio E7 will make those headphones be usable with non-powered devices?

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