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Question about the Shure SE215

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I am thinking about getting a pair of the Shure SE215 IEM's. Pictures Iv'e seen show the cables going over and around the ears. I am not sure I would like this.  Can these IEM's be worn with the cables hanging down in a normal fashion?  I dont think I would like the cable going over my ear.  I also like the replaceable cables and the 2 year warranty.

Is Shure's Customer Service any good?  The cable over the ear question is the only reason I have not already gotten a pair of these.  I have also looked at the Weston 1's that are in my  price range.  From what I have read the Shure 215's sound better.

Thanks for your input.... Earl

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I had the same concerns about the cable over the ear. The bad news is, I don't see the cable being worn down. The good news is I find them to be amazingly comfortable. Much better than any previous head/earphones I've tried.
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The design of these makes you have to use them over the ears. IMHO this helps them stay in place, I find it a plus. Guitar Center sells them, if possible go try them and see if the over the ear bothers you.

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I find the design of the Shure SE line to be extremely comfortable.  It also isolates extremely well because of how nicely they fit in your ear.  You won't have any microphonics either.  If you aren't comfortable with the idea still, you could look at the Monster Turbines.  I felt the sound between the two was very similar.

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Another thing for Shure is you need to take sometime to get use to the way of wearing it.... Last time I tried many times but still unable to wear it correctly...

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I suggest you BUY it because i had the same question like you before I bought my se215 . When I wear it  I feel that's the most comfortable  earphone I have never experience.

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I was pretty stubborn too about the over-the-ear cable style, but once I got used to it, it now is my preferred method. That said, I would understand if someone tried it several times and still couldn't live with it. What I really prefer is IEM's that can be switched from cable-down to cable-up (e.g. straight barrels like eq-7), but if I had to strictly choose between one or the other, I'll take cable-up.


I recommend you keep an open mind, then buy or borrow a cheap IEM with the over-ear style like the MEElec M6 and see if it is something you could adapt to. Someone once told me you need to try foods 7 times before you can be sure you don't like it. But don't eat your headphones!

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in short no the cables cannot by worn down, they have to go over the ears.


downside to shures new cable design is that the ''memory wire'' sucks and doesnt really conform that great, it can, but it takes some time to get them to ''mold'' correctly.


i too was a person who always worn ''cable down'' earphones. then i got the shures and i wasnt sure i was going to like it, thought it might be bothersome but not the case. i find it to be comfortable dont even really notice they are behind your ears like that.

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i would say basically you cant really enjoy when you wear in a normal way, as the weight distribute between earphone and the cable plug is weird, so basically you will feel the earphone is dangling and heavy on your ear, not that suitable for long term listening, and isolation will compromise too.

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its pretty easy to get used to the shure se215s over ear design.


and w1 better than se215? i wouldnt say so, and the se215 is 20-30 cheaper.


though i have to admit i like the fit and cord of the w1 better

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Thanks for all the input.  I am still not sure what I am going to get...

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You are going to get an iem that is very durable, has replaceable cables, good isolation and sounds very good for the price.

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I had the same concern when I was buying these, but since then I've grown to love the design, it stays in no problem, running, jumping, skating, getting hit by a car you didn't hear, etc etc

And the price to performance is awesome.
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