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No- read up on this, there is a huge thread in "Source", it's a USB to coax converter. The PSU is a separate power supply that powers this and the NFB-16.

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I am about to pull the trigger on this with external PSU and the upgraded clock chip. I have been using my NFB-12 for just over a year and I love it! I am in need of something that will do 24/192 for work, and more importantly for my bedroom system both using USB input. First question, is the TCXO clock upgrade useful? My desired sound signature is very detailed and very transparent. If this clock will do even the slightest bit to help with that, it is a no brainer for me.


How does it work using the 1/4" to RCA adapter for DAC out? Is this a true Line-Out signal with D/A conversion being handled by the NFB-16 and the external amplifier accepting the analog signal? I have never seen this done before. I am using my old Yamaha receiver for amplification at the moment, but I do intend to get a decent amp at some point so I would like to have an acceptable analog output available. If this is an acceptable method of transfer, my order will be placed!


For the DAC output to extra amp, a 6.5 to RCA adapter is necessary.

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I emailed Kingwa and he confirmed that when using the 1/4" to RCA output for DAC out, it is not a fixed line level signal. The output of this signal when powered by USB 5V will be a max 1.2V. When powered by the external power supply this will reach a maximum of 5V. So it is variable output and can be controlled by the volume knob.


I was hoping for a fixed line level output.

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This is a very compelling product!! Can't wait to get some impressions of how it actually sounds. 

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Does anyone know the dimension of the chasis?

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From the specs page, it seems to be W 163 X L 120 X H 42 mm. 

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Not portable enough.

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Originally Posted by Mad Max View Post

Not portable enough.

Not for your pocket but for a laptop case or backpack, why not? I'll see if the sound quality is worth the size though. I have owned the iBasso D10, E17 and E10 to compare.

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I'm not really worried so much about the portability. I just want to know how it sounds. Anyone got it yet?

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So this is the Sparrow's successor then?


I wonder when Kingwa will make a true portable amp/DAC, not just a compact desktop unit like this and the discontinued Sparrow.

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I saw it a few days ago but ultimately still ordered the 12.1 as I don't need a portable device.


I will admit I bought the NFB 12.1 half blind. Without reading the NFB thread or even knowing what the switches will change or modify the sound to be.

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Anyone got this yet, willing to post some impressions?

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Getting in a few days, will give impressions

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Yes please, looking forward to it!

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