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Not enough volume??

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Hey guys, 


I have got the Audio Technica Pro700MK2 anniversaries, with a ZO 2 and a fiio L3, ever since i started to go low gain paired with my L3, the volume can't really go that loud. i pretty much have to listen to all my music on the pre high gain mode (purple). The thing is, high gain mode gives me the right amount of volume I am listening like three quarters of the way through. But as soon as I use my L3 in low gain i can't hear the right amount of volume. I really want to keep listening to my LOD because it works so well and improves it en fold. What can I do to make songs louder through low gain???





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please??? help

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Maybe I'm not understanding your problem correctly, but why don't you just listen in high gain if you can't get enough volume from low gain? That's pretty much what the different gain settings are there for.

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if you put it on high gain with a Zo it is only one level of volume so like it is crazily ear damaging loud, it might be my combination of products but it's pretty annoying. Low gain has like 10 or so diiferent levels, intended of LOD's

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Ohhh. I understand what you mean now. Unfortunately, the ZO2 just doesn't have enough steps of gain... I had somewhat of the same experience. I ended up just selling the ZO2 and moving onto something else. :(

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any reccomendations :)???

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Originally Posted by Joshii View Post

any reccomendations :)???


Get a different amp more gain/power, maybe with bass boost (I assume that's what made you get the ZO). Research on how the Fiio E7 does with your headphones, for a start; then maybe look up those CMOYs with Bass Boost.

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Yeah, for the money, I would go with the FiiO E7 also. Or wait until the price drops on the FiiO E17 so you can also have the treble boost features. The only downside to the E7 and E17 is that they're pretty big (about the same size as my ipod touch with a bulky leather case), so if you're looking for a portable amp to carry around, it might not meet your needs. 


Your best bet would be to just check out the FS section of the forum, because I've purchased several amps from there and they've all come in great shape. 

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Use some lower resistance cable..?

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