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Wanted: Stock Grado Replacement Cable

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Stock Grado Replacement Cable

Will Ship To: Anywhere



I have a pair of SR-60's that i love but my cable has become ruined and doesnt work anymore. Therefore i cant use my headphones. I do not have a paypal account and my dad wont let me use his.


So if anyone has the stock grado cable they would like to send me that would be greatly appricated. 


Cheers, Jonah

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I honestly do not. I have been really interesting in those headphones and my dad said he would think about it. He decide not let me becuase he didnt feel comfortable about that. I can assure you that there is nothing "fishy." 


Again i relize that im asking for a free cable so if someone dosent give me one thats completely cool..



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Ya i would give you my cable, but like what nicole said, you do seem kinda fishy
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