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Suggestions on upgrading headphones?

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Howdy! Today I stopped by B&H's store in NYC, and saw that they had *squeal* GS1000's and HD800s hooked up in the headphone section. This was the first time I had ever touched, seen, or heard these two headphones. My immediate impressions:


The GS1000 had the massive G-Cush pads, which were crazy comfortable but the bass presence was also UNREAL. Granted, I listen to a pair of SR325is cans through a Gilmore amp, so my setup isn't exactly bass-heavy.


In comparison, the HD800 had a massive soundstage, and actually sounded way more airy and open than the GS1000. Since I'm looking to upgrade from my current setup sometime in the future, I was wondering if my current impressions are accurate, or if a more powerful amp could change the character of the HD800?


Also, I popped on some 32 ohm Beyerdynamics (can't remember which model exactly) and was, frankly, underwhelmed. If I'm looking to upgrade my rig, what's my best option? Reference-series Grados, HD800s, a properly amped K701/702, Beyers, or some orthodynamics? What are the sound characteristics of these headphones like?

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You've mention headphones in a very broad price range.


Exactly what is your current system?  In what format(s) is your music?  What is your budget to make any and all changes to what you have now?

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