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Weird thing happened. Beyerdynamics.

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So I got a set of headphones for a wedding present as everyone knows I love audio. I decided I don't want full sized cans so I put them up for sale here and on ebay. Beyerdynamics contacted me demanding I raise my price to their map. I refused politely and explained as I am an individual, this is personal property, and I have no agreement with them,  I am not subject to MAP. Next thing I know they ended the auction by BIN because they don't have a leg to stand on. I have filed a complaint with ebay and have been conversing with them vie email about the gestapo tactics. Here is the email.



This is Pete Carini with beyerdynamic.
You have violated our map price on the T5p!
Please adjus to our map price of $1,295 immediatly. Your full cooperation is appriciated with this matter

Please feel free to contact me if you wish to discuss this matter.

Best Regards,

Peter Carini
Sales Manager
Consumer and Aviation

beyerdynamic Inc. USA
56 Central Ave Farmingdale, NY 11735
Office 631.293.3200 ext.17
Fax 631.293.3288
Mobile 516.848-3902


then they bought the item when I refused and explained. and here is what follows.



You contacted me telling me you work for beyerdynamics and i better raise my price and i tell you I am not obligated to do so as i am not subject to your map then you go and buy the product. How can I trust the sale?




We are just trying to get this product from being listed under map.

We have many of our dealers complaing about this listing and need to make this right
so we are choosing to purchase it from you.

How can we make you feel comfortable about this sale. We are a very legit and reputable 
We will pay by Amex or paypal.




I don't agree with these practices. I am an individual not a business. I have the right to sell my property for what i want without interference from a large company. I loved my t1 I had but decided I did not want a full sized headphones. My mother bought these as a wedding gift and since I don't  want a full sized headphones I was trying to pass on these to someone who might not have the 1300 to spend on them.

  I have never had a company try to interfere they way bayerdynamics has done in this occasion no matter what i was selling it for, even if under the map. If you still want the item you can Paypal me 1,000 to ********* which is my paypal and i will send them to you. However I will never recommend your company to anyone and will post this experience on the major headfi and other audiophile forums.

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I agree it is little ridiculous that someone from Beyerdynamic requested a private seller to adjust the price to suit their MAP. Anyway, they have made it easier for you by purchasing the T5p off your hands. :-)

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Well that is if i agree to sell it to them. Ebay said I dont have to. They just joined to stop the sale and have 0 feedback. Just not fair on their part.

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i wonder if it was a scam artist pretending to be Beyerdynamic.  There are lots of slimeballs out there.
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0 feedback. Perhaps a phantom buyer who just wanted to get your ad off ebay. I stand corrected if funds are transferred to your Paypal account, that if you decide to sell to the potential buyer.

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We will see what happens. The address they requested it sent to is the usa offices. I have not checked the phone numbers, but did send a paypal money request to the Beyerdynamics email. I will keep everyone posted. Should have demanded they pay me full map if they want it back lol.

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Its kinda weird that there are typos in their email.

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very strange,you should have charged them three times the normal sell price!!

curious about how this will get,obviously on your advantage.


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If you want to figure if this is on the level or not, shoot Beyer corporate an email with this guy's correspondence:

See what they say.

If you get the same yum yum, tell'em $1295 is fair and be done with it. If they respond completely oblivious, either someone (this "Peter") is not doing their job right, or it's someone trying to run a scam.

The contact info is correct (http://north-america.beyerdynamic.com/shop/hah/headphones-and-headsets/at-home/music-pleasure/t-5-p.html), but it's entirely possible that someone just snatched that and spoofed the email to try and manipulate the sale. The weird thing is, they shouldn't demand the price to increase, and if they paid BIN at whatever you were asking; I don't see the angle (unless they're trying to run a COD scam, but that's why we have PayPal).

For grins, and because this strikes me as a huge legal gray area (is it fraud? is it acceptable? etc), might be funny to submit an IC3 complaint with the guy's contact info - sure you'd get someone's attention in a big way. wink.gif
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As of right now payment has yet to be made. I don't expect this person will pay as stated. I have sent an invoice to the email address provided in the correspondence.

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Most likely it's a hoax. A simple phone call to this Peter Carini on his mobile may reveal the answers.

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Well payment was received today. Shipped out the package.
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Originally Posted by chef8489 View Post

Well payment was received today. Shipped out the package.


lol... I find this funny... does beyer have a dedicated department to make sure the map price is even met? seems very counterintuitive to me... seriously... this is ridiculous..

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