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For Sale: Meier Audio Corda Headfive amplifier

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For Sale:
Meier Audio Corda Headfive amplifier

Will Ship To: USA

Bought this in 09 I believe from a member here.  It's got at least 4000 hours of play time, as I used it with my Beyer DT880s a helluvalot haha.  I'm sad to be parting with it (especially love the cross-feed feature!), but I'm moving around a lot so I need a more portable setup (now using an asus xonar stx in my portable desktop).  


It's got a few very light and faint scratches on the front, and overall is in excellent condition.  Looking to get $OLD for it, with actual shipping costs anywhere in the USA.


I haven't sold here in quite a while so I lost my feedback from before the forum transition.   However, I have excellent heatware (linked to my head-fi) so you can buy with confidence!



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you know you want it! send me an offer, I'm very open :)

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Would this be a good match for my AKG K702's?

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I believe that this is one of the better budget amps for those cans, in that the headfive is sufficient to power it, but a more expensive amp can help.

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I am currently listening through a Headstage 12HE 4G and am happy with the results. Do you think the Corda would be comparable?

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PM sent

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