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Originally Posted by jonnyt View Post

I will get the chance to audition these three at my local shop in the next week where the T1 and LCD2 are priced $1000 and the HD800 $1200.

I will be listening 90% of the time through an iphone (320mp3) and ALO RX mkII and 10% of the time through a Cyrus CD/ Amp output to the ALO (the Cyrus has no headphone socket).


I listen primarily to electronic music with some ambient, classical and rock thrown in and am looking for a meatier upgrade to my pair of 325is. I will likely keep the Grados, so a complimentary pair would be cool.


My question is, do I just go for the pair which sounds best in the shop or should I take into account that I may in the future buy a full sized amp to attach to the Cyrus system and take into account that the Senns may scale up better?


This will likely be my last purchase for a while so I'm looking for a good all-rounder.


I own the HD800 and LCD-2 rev.2. I've just sold my dedicated amp (Lyr) to make way for something better and I've been listening to the HD800 for the last week straight from my MacBook Pro's headphone jack. The drop in refinement and authority when doing away with a dedicated amp and dac is certainly noticeable, but that hasn't stopped me from enjoying the music. I haven't heard the RX but I suspect it would present music better than how I've heard it the past week and if that's the case you should still get a good glimpse of what this headphone is capable of. If you plan on upgrading your chain later, don't be deterred by posts proclaiming how woeful the HD800 is without an uber rig.


I'm listening to the rev.2 at the moment (again straight from the MBP) and the drop in sound quality is less stark. This would be a wiser choice if you have no intention of pouring more into your rig.

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Originally Posted by MacedonianHero View Post

Here's my thoughts on the T1s vs. HD800s from a few years back after I just got the HD800s back in early 2010):


Over the past few years, the HD800s have moved up the pecking order just over the T1s. Better amp/dac/sources over the years could have also contributed too. But that doesn't diminish the high esteem I hold the T1s. I still find them a better "one size fits all" headphone for different genres of music. The HD800s are one of the best technical achievements in sound for headphones I've heard (along with the LCD-3s). But the T1s are still great flagship headphones. I've had them along side the HE-6s for just over a year and guess what? I've STILL have the T1s as I preferred their openness and transparency.

I too have had all 3 of those headphones in my house and the T1 reigns supreme as my "go-to" headphones for all around. I share 100% of your reflections sir, well said. Getting the T1's balanced really tips the scales as well.

OP - You really cannot go wrong with the T1s, no matter the source or equipment you have currently, and in the future.
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So, I went to the shop yesterday and spent 90 min listening to them all through the ALO rx mkII.


The HD800 were amazing with the classical music I listened to, so light and airy. They were also incredibly comfortable. I think if I ever get hold of a really good amp and start listening to a higher proportion of jazz and classical, it would be impossible not to buy a pair of these. Unfortunately, through the ALO, the electronic music didn't sound so good and seeing as that is what I will be listening to for the next couple of years, I turned them down.


The T1 were great, I agree with what everyone said about them being a great all-rounder. The bass was almost as good as the LCD2 and the treble a little brighter and more fun. If I could only own one set of cans, it would probably be these. In the end, as I already have a pair of Grados that I will continue to use for rock and metal, I decided that I would go for the darker style of the LCD2 over the T1.


However, when listening to the LCD2 next to the HD650 for about 45 min, I couldn't in all honesty hear any difference. I am sure through more expensive systems the LCD2 will scale up better but for the system I will be using for the next couple of years, they sounded exactly the same to me. I really wanted to get the LCD2 given all the love they have on the forum but I decided that my ears aren't good enough so I should save $500 and I went with the HD650.


Cheers for all the advice in the thread and on the forum in general.

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Congratulations on the HD650. Good to hear that you prefer the darker sound of the HD650 and LCD2. It is good to have two or more headphones to cater for a wide genre of music. If you don't own the Grados, the T1 being an excellent all-rounder will be a great choice. I already suspected the HD800s not making the grade considering your criteria of a good all-rounder. They do sound quite unimpressive with more mainstream stuff especially pop and rock. Electronic music doesn't sound good on the HD800s as the bass is lightweight and lacks punch. More weight or punch in the bass may drown the rest of the frequency spectrum especially the mids and detail, making the overall sound less airy and open. In the end it's all about compromises.

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Congrats, JonnyT...sounds like the 650s will be a great companion to your Grados :)  You saved a few bucks in the process, too! 


I'm always fascinated by the feedback on the LCD-2s....I think that headphone has a broader range of opinions than almost any other headphone I've read about. You've got people who don't like it at all, those who think it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, and everything in between. It's very interesting...I really need to hear a pair!


Enjoy the Senns :)

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